5 Best LGA 1150 CPU For Gaming In 2022

Whether you use your PC for gaming, graphics design, or other “heavy” operations, your processor remains the essential component of your PC setup. If LGA 1150 is your decision so, there is a list of the best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming.

High-end gaming CPUs can be very expensive, but you do not need to spend a lot of money on the latest CPU for gaming. That is why more seasoned CPUs are incredible if you are keen to settle some low-budget options.

If your motherboard has LGA 1150 attachment, and you’re searching for the best CPU to work with, this guide is for you. We’ll be taking a gander at the best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming regarding execution, sturdiness, and other significant elements.

You can upgrade your old CPU and save your pocket with a fantastic gaming experience. You do not need heavy RAM in most titles, and you won’t depend on the integrated graphics that your CPU accompanies.

Best LGA 1150 CPU For Gaming
Best LGA 1150 CPU For Gaming

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5 Best LGA 1150 CPU For Gaming To Buy In 2022

The processor is one of the most significant parts of a gaming PC. While games will, in general, be more GPU serious, the CPU is as yet substantial for in public framework execution.

Here are our leading five picks! We’ll be taking a gander at the best LGA 1150 VPU for gaming as far as execution, strength, and other significant elements.

1. Intel Core i7-4790K

The Intel Core i7-4790K considers the best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming. However, it is an old class course but still working in 2020. The CPU has an opened multiplier, which implies that you can overclock it. You can take the clock speed significantly higher, given that you have legitimate cooling.

The CPU accompanies Intel HD Graphics 4600 incorporated designs and is sure to utilize a fair cooling arrangement and does not overheat. 4 GHz is extraordinary for gaming, and the CPU accompanies four cores and eight threads. These are perfect for gaming, even in 2020.

The CPU utilizes the LGA1150 attachment like the various CPUs on this rundown, and we suggest using a Z97 motherboard with this CPU If you are keen on overclocking.

You can utilize the CPU with Z87 motherboards too, yet you should refresh the BIOS, which could be dubious, remembering this is a more seasoned CPU. You do figure out how to do that, at that point you could set aside some extra cash simultaneously.

The best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming offers 32 GB of RAM, which is more than perfect for gaming. Remember, this is a more seasoned CPU so you will be constrained to DDR3 memory instead of the most recent DDR4 standard.

The CPU highlights Hyper-Threading, which improves execution when performing various tasks or multi-center outstanding burdens, such as video altering and music.

  • The Core i7-4790K is an unlocked version of Intel that allows overclocking as per your requirements.
  • The Chip performs a bit hotter due to more power consumption, so the extra cooler is mandatory for smooth performance.
  • The Corei7-4790K is good with the Socket LGA1150 motherboards and opens many doors in functioning.
  • The CPU is capable of playing old 3D games if you are willing to manage resolutions and graphic quality.

2. Intel Core i7-4790

The Intel Core i7- 4790 is not open of 4790K that we discussed above. The processor is the best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming, but you can’t overclock it yet, although everything has comparable particulars.

The CPU can lift to 4 GHz; the base clock speed is a piece lower at 3.6 GHz. That is still not too bad for gaming. The CPU can’t be overclocked, so you don’t have to get an extravagant series motherboard.

The 4790 is furnished with Intel HD Graphics 4600, which is higher than its antecedents, offering a quicker graphic option.

Like different processors in the Haswell family, the 4790 can deal with most games out there without giving indications of being overpowered; however, the speed isn’t the quickest.

The CPU offers better graphic solutions that are the core features of any CPU that considers the best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming.

The processor offers 32 GB of RAM in this best LGA 1150 CPU for a gaming device, which is a pretty pointless excess for multiple titles.

The base clock of 3.6 GHz is as yet an excellent clock speed for gaming. More cores with more threads are turning into the default for processor fabricating. Overall i7 4790 is exceptional in all significant areas of any CPU.

  • The CPU is locked and can’t be overclocked to build better performance or underclocked to decrease power draw.
  • However, the CPU is a clocked version but still provides exceptional performance, and you can easily handle your targets.
  • The processor has an efficient ability to perform on a high note with most of the LGA 1150 motherboards.
  • The 4790 is outfitted with Intel HD Graphics 4600, which is higher than its forerunners and offering a quicker graphic response for tablets and mobiles.
  • The processor offers low maximum turbo frequency due to heavy load, and it causes some hurdles while performance.
  • The CPU is not recommended for initial Haswell CPUs as its speed is not that much fastest. However, it is capable of handling most games without any overwhelming.

3. Intel Core i7-4770

Our next recommendation is Intel’s fourth-era CPU Core i7-4770 and suggests the best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming. What makes it different from other options? The 4770 is one that additionally accompanies four cores and eight threads and can’t be overclocked.

The CPU has a base clock of 3.4 GHz and can lift to 3.9 GHz, which is not too bad for gaming. It isn’t an open CPU so you can manage with a standard motherboard also.

The highlights are genuinely like that of 4790 and make it the best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming.

You get support for 32 GB of RAM, which is a bounty for gaming, and you likewise get the Intel HD Graphics 4600 incorporated designs.

You can play all the cutting-edge games with this CPU, given that you have an excellent design card to render every one of those pixels.

For sure, you would be able to utilize this CPU for gaming at 1080p, yet you can use it for 1440p gaming also.

If you are searching for a bolted CPU at a sensible cost, at that point, this is a fantastic alternative to consider. Intel Core i7-4790 is the best-suggested support device for those whose passion is only gaming.

  • The Intel i7 4770 consumes a good deal of power with 84 W TDP. Required decent cooling for better and smooth performance.
  • Hardware virtualization is accessible on the Core i7-4770, which significantly improves virtual machine execution.
  • The processor features with HD 4600 integrated graphics solution, so; you do not need an extra graphic card.
  • Core i7-4770 uses a PCI-Express Gen 3 connection means offers 16 PCIe lanes. These consider a bit of whining feature to communicate with other components of the computer.

4. Intel Xeon E3-1230V3

The Xeon E3-1230V3 CPU has a hyper-threading system with four cores and eight threads, and the equivalent 8MB Level 3 reserve as the i7-4790 and 4790K.

It is the suggested best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming as it permits upgraded performing multiple tasks of the chipset.

When joined with TSX-NI, it takes into consideration canny multi-stringing, exceeding expectations at creating music or altering a video.

As we are discussing many options and including Intel Xeon E3-1230V3 in this research, which makes it perfect for the best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming.

Xeon E3supports 1150 motherboards are efficient so, you do not need to arrange any other series of advanced motherboards with this device.

It is specifically built for industrial use and supports many Intel advancements. Such as Turbo Boost, vPro Platform, Virtualization innovation, and Transactional Synchronization Extensions.

The Xeon E3-1230 V3 was explicitly intended to circulate loads over the whole center check. It is particularly advantageous to individuals who need to utilize it for content creation rather than merely gaming.

Xeon CPUs are made for typical use where they will go nonstop, so they have a lower base clock of 3.2 GHz and helped clock speed of 3.7 GHz.

Our research says, the Xeon E3 helps for 32 GB of RAM settles on it a compelling decision for gaming; however, it needs to some degree in clock speed.

The Turbo Boost permits accelerate to 3.7 GHz, and it has no integrated graphics. So, you will require a committed graphic card to deal with any illustration preparation. It tends to be utilized adequately for gaming, even though it was not intended to be a gaming processor.

  • Due to its hyper-threading technology, it allows producing music and video editing with excellent visualization support.
  • The CPU specially designed for the industries and uses maximum hours of the day to use less power.
  • EEC memory is a sort of PC information stockpiling that can recognize and address the most-well-known types of inner information defilement. The Xeon E3 offers this channel.
  • The processor is featured with dual-channel interfaces and supports DDR3 and DDR4 memory.
  • The processor lacks integrated graphics so, required a graphic card, and that is, for some extend extra spending.
  • The Xeon E3-1230V3 features with a locked multiplier that makes you limited in overclocking potential.

5. Intel Core i5-4690K

As we have lined up five options of CPUs that can work with LGA 1150. Few of them are best, and some are above average. The Core i5-4690K is also a processor from Intel. The i5-4690k was and still is a not too lousy mid-go CPU for the average customer and gamer. Despite everything, it has four cores like each other processor recorded here; however, rather than eight threads, it just has four.

The Intel I5-4960K does not bolster hyper-threading but is still considered the best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming. It consists of a processor with four physical cores and four logical cores.

That cannot run different procedures on a similar core such as the i7-4790 and 4790K, or the Xeon. This degree of execution is still bounty for the average customer and the typical gamer that does not require uplifted performance for sound and video encoding.

The Intel Core i5-4690K has the most minimal base and overclocks speed of the customer CPUs examined in this post. The Xeon is lower, yet that will be normal from a mechanical processor.

Its base clock is 3.5 GHz, and the overclock speed is 3.9 GHz, which is not precisely the base check speed out of the container for the i7-4790K. Let’s discuss the temperature performance of the 4960K; it has the quality to execute a variety of TIM to resist the rising temperature.

  • The CPU is recommended for the up-gradation means with the same GPU and motherboard if you want to replace your CPU that is all fit to go.
  • The CPU is an unlocked multiplier, and that allows us to overclock it. However, the overclock speed is lower than other shared options in this post.
  • The processor has a base clock of 3.5 GHz and can boost to 3.9 GHz that is an average performance criterion.
  • The i5 4960K is the best choice for those willing to play games at 1080p resolutions; however, its clock speed is better than Xeon.
  • This processor, despite everything, bolsters 32 GB of RAM, more than adequate for gaming. Most modern games are playable on it but not at higher settings.
  • The i5 4960 needs more power as far as you do not overclock. Once it comes to OC, it creates issues, which is a whining part of it.
  • Intel i5-4690K does not support hyper-threading advanced technology, and it causes a middle ground of overclocking.

Quick Buyer’s Guide

We share key CPU specs that you should care about and check the functionality quickly through some guidelines.  

Key CPU specs which you should care about:

Clock Speeds:

Measured in gigahertz (GHz), this is the speed at which the chip works, so higher is quicker. It depends on the temperature, so you’ll see a recorded base clock speed and a turbo speed. 


CPUs have been two and 18 cores, every one of which can take a shot at an alternate errand. The more cores a CPU has, the more proficient it is.


The threads are the number of free procedures a chip can deal with immediately. More threads imply better performing multiple tasks and upgraded performance on intensely strung applications, such as video editors and transponders.


The Thermal Design Profile/Power (TDP) is the maximum amount of heat generated by a chip (or should create) at stock speeds, as measured in watts. You can make sure that your CPU cooler can handle that amount of heat dissipation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which CPU is best for LGA 1150 in terms of performance?

If you need to get the best execution and overclocking for your 1150 CPU, then the Intel Core i7-4790K is the best option that you can have. If you would prefer to have stock speeds and set aside cash by utilizing a customary motherboard not intended for overclocking, then the Intel Core i7-4790 is the reasonable champ.

Which CPU is best for LGA 1150 in terms of budget?

Intel Core i5-4690 is a great option for your best pocket support, it comes at a smaller price and performs above average, but you have to compromise on overclocking. And most gamers do not like bottlenecks while gaming, so if you have LGA 1150, then no need to have issues while operating.

Is the Intel-only option that works with LGA 1150?

To some extent, yes, most Intel CPU series consider it good to work with LGA 1150. If your spending plan is on the lower end, you can select a double center processor; anyway, you will see an observable drop in gaming execution.

Is Core i5 good for gaming?

Intel Core i5 is an incredible processor made for standard clients who care about execution, speed, and design. The Core i5 is appropriate for most errands, even substantial gaming; however, it does not offer hyper-threading but is still the best recommendation.


We tried to share detailed research on the five best LGA 1150 CPUs for gaming. We see here the spec, function, and outcomes that depend on your usage.

The quickest processor examined here is the Intel Core i7-4790K. It underpins over-clocking up to 4.4 GHz and has a base clock speed of 4.0 GHz out of the case.

It supports intensive programs in addition to high-performance gaming and offers hyper-threading for exceptional video and audio editing. On the other hand, if you see your pocket and compromise on over-clocking, Intel i5- 4690K is suggested.

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