5 Best am3+ CPU For Gaming

AMD is a big name in preparing CPUs, and the AM3+ is one of the top lines to find the best gaming option for your needs.

The AM3+ CPU can furnish your PC with the ideal rates. However, it would be best if you took a gander at the numerous choices that are a good match as the best AM3+ CPU for gaming. 

Picking the best AM3+ CPU for gaming is unquestionably not a simple errand. With bunches of choices accessible in the market, you would be mindful to select the correct one.

We have chosen to sift through the absolute best ones among them by testing and contrasting them all. 

Take help from our article and do some more research; finding the compatible am3+CPU will not be challenging.

The guide will take a list of the five best AM3+ processor models that you can use on your PC and make every feature meaningful from numerous points of view.

Hopefully, you will find a complete and accurate guide for your next speedy experience. 

Best am3+ CPU For Gaming
Best am3+ CPU For Gaming

What is AMD FX?

AMD FX is a range of high-end AMD microprocessors for personal computers announced in 2011, testified as AMD’s first original 8-core desktop processor.

The sequence pointed at competing with the Intel Core line of desktop processors and, in particular, the Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge architectures.

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5 Best am3+ CPU For Gaming To Buy In 2022

We had made a list of the best am3+ CPU for gaming to Buy In 2020. In this essay, we are going to study the five best AMD FX-series CPUs you will absolutely like. So let’s not delay this anymore and get into it.

1. AMD FX-8350 Black Edition

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition
AMD FX-8350 Black Edition

Product Description: AMD’s Vishera line of products is prized for being first at multitasking, and the FX-8300 is no objection.

This entirely unlocked 8-core processor advances faultless and continuous performance. Supported by this system, your PC will turn into the workhorse that you demand for taking on special tasks with efficiency.

The full dedicated L2 cache of 8MB and an 8MB L3 cache combined with a 3.3GHz of base clock speed enable it to run at blistering speed!

It arrives with a sharp overclocking feature, empowering you to increase the clock speed up to 4.2GHz. This is exceptional as it gives the processor the significant boost needed for playing high-level games and streaming multimedia applications. Additionally, the AMD Turbo Core technology prepares it even more robust!

For the price tag, it is a marvelous and budget-friendly product. It’s proficient in producing ample Power to command multiple intensive tasks at once! With a minute of tweaking, you can even get excellent FPS from the most modern video games that are especially demanding!

What is AMD Black Edition?

Black Edition or “BE” was the past term AMD used for CPUs (and maybe APUs) that owned unlocked multipliers. AMD chose to drop “BE” in service of copying Intel and just used “K” for APUs with unlocked multipliers.

Is the AMD FX 8300 good for gaming?

FX-8300 is a high-end CPU based on the 32nm Piledriver structure. The processor does not mix any graphics and has a fixed board TDP of 95W. Its display is outstanding and satisfactory for extreme gaming.

  • FX-8300 does three things very well. Gaming, video/audio encoding, and parallel tasks such as desktop or work productivity apps.
  • The product pairs well with another AMD video card in the R9, RX, or Vega product classes.
  • X-8300 completely solves a single-thread speed issue, and it has loads of potential to run multiplied workloads.
  • Don’t expect to get max settings on newer games.
  • This processor is a great deal, considering it’s $100 price tag and 95W thermal design power.
  • FX-8300 works fine in a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gbps USB 3.0 ATX DDR3 1866mhz.
  • The CPU cooler it comes with is garbage. (get a hyper 212 Evo or a water block to cool it.

2. AMD FX-8370 Octa Core Desktop Processor

AMD FX-8370 Octa Core Desktop Processor
AMD FX-8370 Octa Core Desktop Processor

The new AMD FX 8-Core Processor is now quicker than ever! It’s still unlocked for your overclocking satisfaction, and it’s quite the only 8-core desktop processor throughout.

AMD FX processors must broken records before, and now it’s your service. Expertise unmatched multitasking and pure core performance with a new architecture and great prices.

Experience an extraordinary computing performance once you implement the AMD FD8320FRHKBOX FX-8320 Eight-Core 3.5GHz AM3+ Processor to your PC.

This processor is amazingly designed with eight cores, giving you high-speed processing performance that can run any demanding application in the warehouse.

AMD released FX-8320E, along with the FX-8370E as a pair of lower-powered octa-core CPUs for the plentiful power-conscious buyer.

These two chips use AMD’s Bulldozer processor tech plus squeeze into a 95W TDP. They’re capable of doing this by using a lower base clock but maintaining the same Turbo clock as their non-E brethren.

FX-8320E is an energy-efficient CPU based on the 32nm Piledriver design. The processor does not mix any graphics. And has a fixed board TDP of 95W.

Is the AMD FX 8320 good for gaming?

The FX-8320 is quiet a suitable CPU for Gaming. Anyway, all tested games were playable at proper framerates and with zero slowdowns on High settings.

To that point, this FX-8320E is working at 3.2GHz as standard, with the capacity to hit 4GHz as required.

The standard FX-8320’s clock speed meets some 300MHz higher at 3.5GHz. So considerably, so good. For 30W less Power, you only sacrifice 300MHz of CPU horsepower, which appears like a much good trade-off.

  • High 8 core Octa capable chip.
  • Overclocked to 4.2 GHz with no problems.
  • FX-8320e can handle everything thrown at it without the system hang-ups, crashes, and overloads.
  • The best choice to spend your money now with the speed boost also comes cooler temps.
  • Excellent replacement for 1st gen bulldozer 8150 Runs so cool.
  • No slowing or bogging down or glitches of any kind.
  • From running to gaming, this processor does it all!
  • Looks like a cube.

3. AMD FX 8350 With Wraith Cooler 8 Core Processor

AMD FX 8350 With Wraith Cooler 8 Core Processor
AMD FX 8350 With Wraith Cooler 8 Core Processor

AMD FX-8350 is a secure 8-core processor, proficient in taking on multiple tasks at once nearly effortlessly. You will have the next-level administration from this remarkable processor. AMD FX-8350 Release Date. October 12th seems like a reasonable release date, just two weeks before Win8.

Whether you’re gaming or using on demanding tasks, this one is well-equipped to manage everything quickly. This can surely be considered to be the best CPU for the AM3+ platform.

Does the FX 8350 have integrated graphics?

The fx8350 CPU itself does not have an integrated GPU.

It runs with a base clock speed of 4.0GHz, which is much fast. Thanks to AMD’s overdrive software, you can overclock it to get 4.2GHz of clock speed, which will enable you to have consistent better gaming experience.With its 8 cores featuring 8 threads along with the 8MB of L3 and 8MB of L2 Cache, it gives a decent administration, but it still falls little following other models within this price range.

Still, it makes up for it with its exceptional productivity software performance. You’d discover this to be excellent in running multiple intense applications like video editing and 3D modeling at once without even striving too tricky. It will compose your PC, a multimedia powerhouse!

Is AMD FX 8350 better than Intel i7?

AMD FX 8350. When it comes to a comparison between the Intel Core i7 3770K and the AMD FX 8350, it means we are talking about two processors of top quality and Power. The dividing point within the two powerhouses is, however, the fact that the 3770K has a mixed GPU, whereas the FX 8350 does not.

The processor tends to overheat, especially when it’s overclocked. But the sizeable cooling system that comes with the product decreases the temperature by a lot, enabling you to overclock without worrying about overheating.

Is the AMD FX 8350 good for gaming?

Yes, If you’re planning to use much-multithreaded work and also gaming, then the FX8350 will be the more suitable choice. Both will game fine, though, and it will be the GPU that limits you the majority of the time.

  • Allows you to edit 4K video and play most games.
  • Gaming workhorse for a high, relatively inexpensive build!
  • Running at 4.4GHZ with stock cooler and no problems.
  • Gives us enough horsepower to dedicate up to 4 cores to the Virtual machines and coupled with 16 GB of RAM, 8 GB to each virtual machine.
  • Runs all of the modern games excellent, performs well, Does multitasking when browsing the web and surf on youtube and amazon prime videos.
  • This processor is perfect for video editing, business use, gaming, watching videos, and anyone who needs to run applications with very little to no lag or loading time. You can get an excellent deal for the bucks you spend on this product.
  • AMD FX8350 and have zero regrets.

4. AMD CPU FD8350FRHKHBX FX-8350 8 Core Processor

AMD CPU FD8350FRHKHBX FX-8350 8 Core Processor
AMD CPU FD8350FRHKHBX FX-8350 8 Core Processor

AMD FX Processors unlock maximum, smooth processing performance for the latest responsiveness you can see and feel – for a top-tier experience with Windows 10 and DirectX 12.

Instantly paired with a mostly silent top-of-the-line thermal resolution, the innovative Wraith Cooler generates less than one-tenth of the noise of its forerunner, backlit lighting, and an attractive fan covering. 

The Black Edition FX 8350 gives unlocked clock multiplier for a specific overclocking service and extremely configurable Horsepower and performance curve via AMD Over Drive software.

AMD FX-8350 8 Core AM3 16MB Easy to Install?

Effortless to install. Nice cooler incorporated with the Wraith Max RGB edition.

AMD FX-8350 with Wraith Cooler Uniquely runs between 40- 50 Celsius at routine operation. About 70-80 Celsius when stressed (rendering video, video gaming). Hyperthreading, by far, is the single low score for this processor. As this is 8-core and no threads (every core is independent and its own thread), it seems some hyperthreading responsibilities are performed slower than average.

Moreover, Supreme Power possible from virtually every core configuration remits energetic performance for mega-tasking and fast applications like video editing and 3D modeling. Boxing is so great looking! This will look unimaginable with some other tech boxes. The processor itself is superbly designed and also feels very cold, the incorporated fan comes with RGB lighting! What a splendid surprise!

Performance: 8 cores running at 4.00 GHz, without overclocking. Nothing more to be announced!

How many threads does AMD FX 8350 have?

8 threads in total, it is 4 cores, but it holds hyperthreading, so proposes that each core can act as 2., so it has 8 threads (virtual cores) but 4 real cores. Though, that is more than enough these days.
Gaming Power of AMD FX-8350 8Core AM3 16MB with Wraith Cooler Retail

It is very reliable with games. GTA, Rocket League, PUBG, Overwatch, CSGO all run without a glitch. Games with GTX 1050 hit 120fps.

I can hardly believe that this processor costs about the US $75 when it functions as a US $300 of the different brands.

  • The noise level is Healthy.
  • It’s swift, has the right amount of cores, and is at a reasonable price.
  • By the included, Wraith Cooler FX-8350 was capable to OverClock all 8 cores to 4.35 GHz.
  • The wraith cooler looks terrific, And it is huge! The thermals are excellent on it.
  • Games that got a reasonable second hand RX480 8GB, and it’s surprisingly fitted, getting about 48-60 FPS out of Fallout 76(1080p Medium, Depth of field off).
  • Hyperthreading, by far, is the single low score for this processor. As this is 8-core and no threads (every core is independent and its own thread), it seems some hyperthreading responsibilities are performed slower than average.

5. AMD FX-8370 Vishera 8-Core Processor

AMD Black Edition FX-8300 Vishera 8-Core Processor
AMD Black Edition FX-8300 Vishera 8-Core Processor

This AMD FX-8370 Vishera is an 8-core flagship processor that produces ultimate performance with sufficient energy efficiency, excellent for gamers, PC lovers, and content producers, who need the latest processor for an energetic, abrupt video and seamless multitasking. This Integrated DRAM Controller with AMD Memory Optimizer Technology processor has a frequency of 4.0 GHz and 4.3 GHz in Turbo mode, which is the most powerful clock rate in its class.

The FD8370FRHKHBX processor from AMD runs on the AM3+ platform. AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) Technology With IOMMU 64-bit CPU has 8 cores operating at 4GHz with a Max Turbo Frequency of 4.3GHz. High-level features of the 32 nm chip carry 4 x 64KB Instruction L1 Cache, 4 x 2MB L2 cache, and 1 x 8MB L3 cache. This AMD Technology (Cool’ n’Quiet Technology) processor comes with a heatsink cooler bundled with it; still, if you want to enhance your cooling, make sure what you use supports AM3+, including a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 125 Watts.

AMD FX-8370 Desktop Processor with Wraith Cooler was agreeably stunned at the faint noise and proper cooling. It is capable of handling the latest games. If you want a wallet-friendly processor, the FX-8370 is the right choice. It will not overclock on a rig, simply use it straight out of the box.

  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent for gaming.
  • Comes with high-grade Steadiness.
  • Value for money price And performance king.
  • The wraith cooler is a significant upgrade with a low noise level.
  • Take it Straight out the box into your PC and will work the very first time with no issues.
  • Do not purchase it except it comes with a Wraith Cooler. The old cooler version that comes with this is ineffectual to cool this CPU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are AMD FX processors good for gaming?

AMD FX™ processors deliver an excellent desktop experience with Windows®10 and DirectX® 12, thanks to multiple cores paired with high processor frequencies up to 5 GHz. From AMD, the company backward sustained high-performance processors in the PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One™ gaming consoles, and Radeon™ graphics cards.

What socket does AMD FX use?

Socket AM3+
AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core 4.0 GHz (4.2 GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W FD8350FRHKBOX Desktop Processor.

Are AMD A-series processors good?

The best AMD A-Series APU’s are necessarily a combination of an AMD FX-43×0 series quad-core CPU and a Radeon R7-class GPU in a single package. As compared to an Intel quad-core CPU, they have lower CPU performance but more leading GPU performance.

Why is AMD cheaper than Intel?

Though AMD products do not offer entirely groundbreaking performance or features, what they do provide us an excellent price/performance balance. The main selling point for AMD CPUs is that you get more for less. Therefore you can assume that their products are much more affordable though they are not “cheap” just cheaper than Intel.

What is the fastest processor?

The world’s fastest processor is an overclocked monster (video) AMD declared that their new 8-core Bulldozer FX processor clocked a record speed of 8.429GHz with the help of liquid nitrogen and helium.

What is AMD equivalent to i5?

The AMD has APUs. It’s a marketing jargon for CPU and Graphics processor built onto the same chip. They come in different makes like A4, A6, A8, A10, and of recent even A12. Much like intel’s i3, i5, and i7.

What is the Intel equivalent to AMD FX 8320?

For gaming, the most comparable CPU to the FX-8320 in performance is the i3-4330. Of course, there are a few random games where a Pentium beats the FX-8320 and a few casual games where the FX-8320 beats a low-level i5. But those are outliers. Usually, an FX-8320 will perform about the same as an i3-4330.


This complete discussion is the best AM3+ CPUs for gaming offer everything you need in gaming and heavy applications. A superior and improved CPU adaptation works faultlessly with different motherboards and related components. 

Before making a final decision, ensure it is entirely perfect for you. Some of the processors can end up being far and away superior to progressively costly ones. It means you have lots of cheaper and expensive options, respectively.

We consider the FX-8350 to be the best AM3+ CPU for gaming. It offers impressive execution through its incredible 8-cores and not too bad cache. The best part is that it is helpfully modest, so it will not affect your budget. You can confidently have it as it has everything that you search for in an AM3+ processor. 

The FX-6300 and the FX-8320 are similarly astounding, ensured to fulfill you through their mind-boggling performances and moderate value structure. Hopefully, you will get all of your answers related AM3+ CPU for gaming. Do not hesitate in case of any query. 

I am a computer science graduate, and I love to play games. As an offline and online marketplace seller of computer hardware, I have the opportunity to help people make informed decisions about what they can use for their needs.