10 Best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k – Buyer Guide

Best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k
Best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k

Intel released its 9th processor generation and is currently the most up-to-date and powerful processor offered by Intel. The best CPU cooler for i7-9700k and i9-9900K is the fastest gaming processor in their lineup, and while the i9-9900K is the most powerful, it is much more costly for most PC builders. Like its predecessors (i7-8700K, i7-7700K), the i7-9700K offers excellent cash value for its gaming performance and specifications, and choosing this chip is a great way to save $150 by not going for the elusive brand Core i9.

Here you will see the most of the best CPU cooler for i7-9700k in this guide and make it run cooler by upgrading this processor’s stock cooling with an aftermarket air AIO or liquid cooler. With the i7-9700K, some CPU coolers work much better than others, and we will show you the very best CPU cooler for the 9700K, based on user impressions, tests, and feedback. You could see a 4-12 percent reduction (at least) in i7-9700K temperatures with the correct cooler.

Intel’s Core i7-9700K 3.6 GHz Eight-Core LGA 1151 Processor is designed for gaming, development, and performance. With the Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, the highest turbo frequency this processor can reach is 4.9 GHz. It comes with features such as support for Intel Optane Memory, Intel Boot Guard, virtualization technologies Intel VT-x and Intel VT-d, extensions for Intel TSX-NI, SSE4.1, 4.2, and AVX2 instruction set, and more.

The most straightforward way to cool a PC is to air cooling, mount the metal heatsink to the CPU, and it will draw the heat away—the Intel i7-9700K. Eight cores and eight threads, a 12 MB L3 cache, and 3.6 and 4.9 GHz operating and overclocking speeds are included in this CPU. Also developed with the 9th generation 14 nm lithography from Intel. However, what the i7-9700K does not come with is a CPU cooler.

This processor has a TDP of 95W; to maintain temperatures below 70 degrees Celsius, it will need a significant amount of cooling, particularly for the use of its overclocking capabilities.

Best Choice

Whether you’re going to be in a rush, and we want to purchase the product on our recommendation. We will suggest our best CPU cooler for i7 9700k, which is Noctua NH-D15. You can buy this from us because it has the best features.


The i7 9700K is a powerful heat-producing processor that, of course, you’re going to want a good Air or AIO CPU cooler to hold it at low temperatures. You should certainly leave with a cooler mind after reading this list. You will find this here if you’re interested in a CPU Cooler buyer’s guide.

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10 Best CPU Cooler for i7 9700k To Buy In 2022

If you are building your own gaming machine, it is important that you at least look at the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k. Not only does the cooler help to keep your PC going at the moment, but it will prolong your PC’s life and keep the parts in working order. CPU coolers are meant to dissipate some of the heat that the processor generates. So, here is the best CPU cooler for i7 9700k.

PreviewProductSpecification Today Price
Noctua NH-D15Noctua NH-D15Max. Speed (+/- 10%): 1500 RPMCheck Price
Cooler Master MasterAir MA410MCooler Master MasterAir MA410MFan Speed: 600-1800 RPM ± 10%Check Price
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4Be quiet! Dark Rock 4Fan Noise: 21.4 dBCheck Price
Cryorig R1 UltimateCryorig R1 UltimateFan Speed: 700 ~ 1300 RPM ±10 %Check Price
Cooler Master V8 GTSCooler Master V8 GTSFan Speed: 600-1600 RPM ± 10%Check Price
Corsair H115i RGB PlatinumCorsair H115i RGB PlatinumFan Speed: 2000 RPMCheck Price
NZXT Kraken M22NZXT Kraken M22Fan Speed: 500~2,000 +/- 300RPMCheck Price
EVGA CLC 280mm All-In-One Evga CLC 280Fan Speed: 600-2200RPMCheck Price
Corsair H150i PROCorsair H150i ProFan Speed: 1600±10% RPMCheck Price
Nzxt Kraken X72Nzxt Kraken X72Fan Speed: 500-2,000 +/- 300 RPMCheck Price

5 Best Air Cooler for i7 9700K

The most straightforward way to cool a PC is to air cool, mount the metal heatsink to the CPU coolers for i7 9700k, and it will draw the heat away. With more on how air coolers run, I made an article.

1. Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15
Noctua NH-D15

So the option in this category will vary depending on how you choose to use your PC. The Noctua NH-D15 is the best refrigerator to suit your needs. Suppose you are looking to play challenging games regularly and overclock your CPU frequently. If you seldom overclock your CPU, on the other hand, and love playing online multiplayer games instead of playing challenging single-player AAA games, then the cooler for your needs is the NH-U12S.

Noctua NH-D15  best CPU Cooler for i7-9700K used two premium 140mm NF-A15 PWM fans. And also used in the NH-D15, fitted with low-noise adapters, acoustically optimized anti-vibration mount plates, and SSO2 magnetic bearings. These fans are placed on an all-aluminum heat sink with six direct-contact nickel-plated heat pipes attached to the CPU with the acclaimed NT-H1 compound cooling paste from Noctua. 

Compared to the NH-D15, the NH-U12S is a bit scaled-down but will provide sufficient cooling for the conditions mentioned above. It uses a single controlled 120mm NF-F12 PWM fan optimized for high static pressure of 2.61 mmH2O, allowing the heat sink to be thoroughly cooled throughout.

Noctua has created quality goods for consumers who want outstanding, almost absolutely silent cooling. They’re not tall in the CPU cooling industry, but they make products with the customer in mind. The U12S noise output ranges from 26-40 dB, so it is almost silent at low to medium loads. These two air coolers from Noctua are the best your money can buy, depending on your needs.

  • It is less noisy that way; it doesn’t create noise as it adjusts with the environment.
  • It is more efficient. Its efficiency became more popular.
  • It is simple to install, which helps to take less time for installation
  • quality of the building.
  • Perhaps costly for some individuals.

2. Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M

Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M
Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M

A few fascinating features come with the Cooler Master for i7-9700k MasterAir MA410M. One that caught my attention was the sensor for thermal detection. The RGB color will change to red as the CPU heats up, showing the CPU’s temperature. The color illumination reveals blue by nature.

The heatsink has 4 heat pipes with CDC2.0, which, by compressing the heat pipes together, has 45 percent more surface area. This function enables the Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M to outperform its heat dissipation predecessor.

For the I7 9700K, this cooler is definitely a viable choice. Due to the CDC2.0 functionality, you will have acceptable temperatures. 

It makes complete sense to overclock with this cooler. You may not reach intense core speeds, but the sensor offers insight into the temperatures you obtain from the thermal detection sensor. This cooler for i7-9700k will also look great with a translucent case if you’re into RGB colors.

  • It takes up less space than other air coolers, which enhances its popularity.
  • Its cooling performance is excellent as compared to others.
  • It offers excellent value for its price; users with a limited budget can buy.
  • It’s RGB lighting makes it more attractive.
  • It will get lilted bit noisy.

3. Be quiet! Dark Rock 4

Be quiet! Dark Rock 4
Be quiet! Dark Rock 4

Another premium CPU cooler for i7-9700k produced by being quiet is here. By looking at its construction quality, you can tell Be quietly built this particular cooler with passion. It has one radiator and a powerful 135MM PWM fan. Don’t let the compactness fool you; there’s a premium cooling efficiency.

If you know about being silent, you should know that they specialize in high-performing and decently quiet items. Although this is just an air cooler, it works on par with AIO water coolers with much less noise. The Dark Rock 4 is an excellent air cooler identical to 280mm AIO water coolers with similar results. With this CPU cooler, you should have no trouble running an I7 9700K, even when overclocked. 

Compared to other air coolers, if you’re heaving into aesthetics, this might be more visually appealing to look at; black goes fantastic for most builds. The name says it all, and it’s not nearly as loud as other coolers on the market, even running at full RPM. Just 21.4dB(A) exceeds the full fan speed, which should not be a problem.

  • It has a great color scheme. Because of its color scheme, it became more attractive.
  • Its cooling performance is powerful as compared to other coolers.
  • It’s not about as loud as the other coolers on the market.
  • It is a little bit expensive for some who have a low budget.

4. Cryorig R1 Ultimate

Cryorig R1 Ultimate
Cryorig R1 Ultimate

The Cryorig R1 Ultimate’s special function raises the surface area between the heat pipes and the DirectCompress heatsink fins. In contrast with conventional soldering, it has a 10 percent more contact surface. This facilitates quicker conduction of heat. 

There is also accelerated air exhaust from this cooler for i7 9700k. By splitting the towering stack into two parts, this function works. This role makes it possible for heat to exit the system quicker.

When it comes to cooling efficiency, this is one of the best coolers on the market today. It is certainly not a problem to cool the I7 9700K with this thing, as it cools slightly under the NH-D15. Thanks to the accelerated air exhaust mechanism and the Direct compress function, you should expect to achieve excellent overclocks with this cooler. 

Both help rapidly and efficiently spread heat. The Cryorig R1 Ultimate outputs noise at max RPM on par with the NH-D15; actually, you wouldn’t even know the difference is 1dBA louder.

  • It performs pretty silently when operating at max speed.
  • Its installation process is straightforward. To install it, you don’t need too much effort.
  • Purchasing this without getting budget problems is available at a very low price.
  • It provides excellent performance, which is outstanding due to the price.
  • Not useful for those users with a small budget.

5. Cooler  Master V8 GTS

Cooler  Master V8 GTS
Cooler Master V8 GTS

Cooler Master V8 GTS featuring horizontal vapor chamber technology, the Cooler Master V8 GTS minimizes CPU hotspots and distributes heat equally between all heat pipes. The cooler has 8 heat pipes with high efficiency that can accommodate thermal loads up to 250W. The Cooler Master V8 GTS best CPU cooler for i7-9700k also has a triple heat sink tower configuration with outstanding memory compatibility.

This is not your ordinary CPU cooler that looks distinctive in style; it almost resembles a muscle car engine. It is possible to back up the looks with the cooling efficiency it offers. The horizontal heat pipes are a fantastic idea to disperse heat. Equally, this function is super efficient to extract heat from CPUs such as the I7 9700K.

Except when side panels are used, this is compatible with most CM chases. Horizontal Vapor Chamber Technology’s Cooler Master minimizes CPU hotspots and uniformly extends heat to all heat pipes.

Although the cooler is huge, the cooler master was anxious about memory compatibility, as they know that a big CPU cooler is a big problem. So along with the memory compatibility you need, you can expect decent cooling efficiency. Overall, if you opt to pick up this cooler, this is a decent decision.

  • It has a cool layout, which makes it is more attractive.
  • It has a fair temperature, so it easily adjusts to temperature.
  • It is relatively low noise. The low noise makes this product-friendly environment friendly.
  • Performs very good at higher thermal loads
  • Loud only when full RPM is working on the fans.

5 Best Water Cooler for i7 9700K

Water coolers are a compelling way of secretly transferring heat away from the CPU. They outperform CPU cooler for i7-9700k, on average.

1. Corsair  H115i RGB Platinum

Corsair  H115i RGB Platinum
Corsair H115i RGB Platinum

Corsair H115iRGB best CPU cooler for i7-9700k used for high-end, enthusiast-level gaming builds. Water cooling options have always enjoyed popularity. And currently, if you are looking to light up your case with some RGB glamor, then these AIO coolers are almost the only safe options that will not compromise your CPU performance.

Corsair H115iRGB  has a high-performance processor cooling rig, but even then, the Corsair H115I Pro can remain as quiet as possible while keeping your system cool. RGB customizations also have a range of options.

To levitate the fan, the water cooler contains fans with magnets in them. What this purpose does is minimize friction during operation, thereby reducing noise. This cooler has three controllable modes, Quiet, Balanced, and Extreme performance-wise; each used depending on the load level the CPU carries, with Quiet and Balanced.

Corsair can manage these modes through iCue software from Corsair, monitoring the CPU cooler’s lighting display. There are 16 individually operated RGB LEDs on the fans and the pump head, so there is plenty of customization to be done. As this CPU cooler is currently selling for $169, this RGB spark comes at a price.

  • It is effortless to use, so it helps in becoming user-friendly.
  • Its design is more attractive and clean.
  • Very still.
  • Zero RPM Mode
  • On most, it has a five-year warranty.
  • Its price is a little bit more than others.

2. NZXT Kraken M22

NZXT Kraken M22
NZXT Kraken M22

This 120MM liquid cooler for i7-9700k is a budget-friendly CPU cooler with a compact profile that is more suitable for smaller constructions. The M22 water cooler is designed to achieve high-performance cooling while keeping noise low. The CPU cooler has fine nylon sleeves attached to the rubber tube to act as a protective layer.

It is also an all-in-one best CPU cooler for i7-9700k with liquid cooling capability at a lower price. It has a much lower cost compared to the two CPU coolers mentioned above. It has advanced lighting modes that allow you to experience a fully dynamic lighting experience. You can add wonderful color to it as it comes with an infinity mirror design. 

You also have the option of downloading your phone or laptop M22 control panel. Within this software, you have the ability to change the RPM of the fan and monitor the speed of the pump. You can use RGB effects to monitor your processor’s temperature, or you can choose between 4 RGB settings.

  • It requires less space. Because it takes less, Nzxt Karkan can adjust it easily.
  • It has Lots of lights which encourage people to buy it.
  • Its price is highly affordable. The low price makes it budget-friendly.
  • Its Performance noise ratio is incredible. Because even at 5 GHz, you won’t notice much noise.
  • It has low space for storage.

3. Evga CLC 280

Evga CLC 280
Evga CLC 280

The EVGA CLC 280 cooling block provides an effective design for enhanced flow rate, and the copper base provides the greatest heat transfer. Evga CLC 280 bet CPU cooler for i7-9700k has a cooling solution that is fully self-contained and needs no re-filling, no repair, and no custom tubing. Furthermore, the fans are reticent, peaking at 20dBA max thanks to the Teflon nano bearing inside the fans. 

They not only decrease the noise level but also increase the fans’ lifespan. Another function is that the velocity of the fans depends on the CPU’s temperature. If the CPU is cold, then to minimize noise, the fan can lower or shut down entirely. If you’re looking for a good all-around water cooler, then for you, this is a well-justified choice. 

It runs quietly, has RGB, solid construction, excellent performance, and sleeved tubing. This cooler’s design is fundamental; with an all-black color scheme, you can’t go wrong. Also, by fiddling with the program they have, you have the option of getting RGB on the CPU block. Even with the I7 9700K, if you buy this cooler, you will have excellent efficiency & the installation is straightforward.

  • It has an attractive design for a better look.
  • Its strong tubes and build quality is amazing.
  • It has a perfect cooling system for the whole build.
  • While you’re playing the games, it performs best.
  • The big radiator, in all situations, can not suit.

4. Corsair H150i Pro

Corsair H150i Pro
Corsair H150i Pro

The Corsair H150i Pro is a 360MM water cooler for i7-9700k optimized for low noise efficiency, RGB aesthetically pleasing, and incredible performance. There are striking lighting effects on the RGB led light on the pump head that is fully customized; you can adapt it to your needs.

With this CPU cooler for i7-9700k, the Zero RPM feature is also prominent. Once a low enough CPU temperature is met, fans are permitted to stop. Since it’s a 360MM cooler, it’s larger than the H115i Pro, so before making this purchase, make sure it works. 

Installing this cooler with the mounting system is extremely easy; you should have no problems installing it on your motherboard. While this is an opinionated statement, the black and white design looks clean and basic. You can encounter the only color shift on this cooler from the fully programmable RGB lighting on the CPU block. 

Many are not interested in the RGB side of things, but you can disable them with the tools they have. As for the cooling efficiency, you will find that you have a near-perfect balance between noise and performance. Cooling the I7 9700K, even when overclocked to 5Ghz, is not a concern. 

  • It has a good cooling performance. That way, it is more compatible as compared to others.
  • Its installation is straightforward. It will take a few moments to complete the installing.
  • Corsair for exceptionally long life, and designed to be easy to use and give excellent performance.
  • It offers excellent performance, which is remarkable because of the price.
  • Its design is not updated.

5. Nzxt Kraken X72

Nzxt Kraken X72
Nzxt Kraken X72

With a wide range of RGB modes, the NZXT Kraken X72 features an advanced RGB interface. Next, you can manage the RGB settings through the CAM Software Interface. You can configure the RGB lighting to suit your requirements, enabling you to have a dynamic experience.

The fans are engineered for high-performance refrigeration, extreme durability, and quiet activity. This is due to the radiator fans from Aer P. The tubing has been enhanced by nylon sleeves that act as a protective layer for extra protection.

While it’s one of the most expensive coolers on the list, its clean design, impressive cooling efficiency & RGB lighting make up for it. Throughout the design, the color remains constant, except for RGB lights lighting up the CPU block.

It should be easy to overclock to 5GHz if you pick up this Processor cooler for the i7 9700K. The stress temperatures should remain pretty cool even at 100 percent load at 5Ghz. The program is good & easy to use. The app is unique as it tracks a lot of your computer’s hardware, such as the use of CPU & RAM. 

  • It has an advanced RGB design, or we can say its design is up to date.
  • The best thing about this water cooler is that it is easily available in the market.
  • In terms of efficiency and looks, it is well-balanced.
  • It provides a higher reliability score, and using this cooler in your system should not be an issue.
  • Because of its design and performance, it is pricey.

Quick Tips to Choose Best CPU Cooler For 

The best CPU coolers are designed to keep your processor at a safe temperature. 

Choosing a suitable CPU cooler can be a difficult task. After all, there are many to choose from, and they vary in size, shape, material construction, price point.

So how do you decide? Follow these steps for quick tips on choosing the best one for your needs.

When you’re picking a CPU cooler, keep the following considerations in mind.

Your Budget

Pricier CPU coolers often offer excellent value for money because you get the most cooling potential. Entry-level CPU coolers are more affordable, but they don’t always deliver how efficiently they can keep your processor cool.

Your Computer Case

Most CPU coolers available today will fit on any motherboard. But not all computer cases allow for larger CPU coolers. Therefore, it is important to know how much space inside your computer case you have available for a CPU cooler.

Your Processor Overclocking Needs

Processor overclocking, done right, is a safe and relatively easy way to get more performance from your computer. You can choose how to overclock the processor by how you cool it off. Get a CPU cooler with a larger heatsink and a powerful fan if you’re looking for maximum overclocking performance.

Your CPU Cooler Type

You have many CPU cooler types to choose from, including Air CPU coolers, Liquid CPU coolers, Low Profile CPU coolers, and Solid CPU coolers. Each has its own set of design considerations that go into how to choose a CPU cooler. Learn how these different types work so you can choose the one most suitable for your needs.

Socket Compatibility

CPU coolers are designed to fit on the processor with matching sockets. You cannot use a CPU cooler on an incompatible socket type, so make sure you know your processor’s socket compatibility before purchasing a CPU cooler.

TDP Rating

TDP stands for Thermal Design Power, how to choose a CPU cooler with a high TDP rating is usually the best choice. A CPU cooler with a higher TDP rating will have more cooling potential and can most likely handle your overclocking needs.

CPU Cooler Clearance

Most CPU coolers are made to fit within specific clearance requirements. Ensure there’s enough space inside your computer case and that the CPU cooler will fit properly on your motherboard before making a purchase.

Cooling Type

Different types of CPU coolers now use different cooling techniques. The four most common are air, liquid, low profile, and solid. Each has its pros and cons that you should be aware of before making a purchase.

Fan Noise Level

How to choose CPU cooler with noiseless or silent fan. No matter how much cooling power a CPU cooler has, it’s not worth your money if the fan emits loud sounds. So how much noise should you expect from CPU coolers? It varies widely, but most fans range in decibels from 8-30.


Make sure to check how long the warranty is and how good their customer service is before purchasing. Sometimes you’ll find there’s a high chance of having problems with your CPU cooler, so make sure to choose one that will be easily fixed if something goes wrong.

Which Cooler is Right for You?

If you want the best overclocking performance, get one with a larger heatsink and powerful fan. To keep your processor at an optimal temperature while avoiding costly repairs, get one that has strong customer service or a longer warranty period.


We’ve hit the end of this article now. Having said that, I hope you have now found the right CPU cooler for the i7 9700K. Since the market is overcrowded with far too many alternatives, it is always safe to analyze before purchasing any such items. As we briefly discuss the details about the best CPU Cooler for i7-9700k.

A worth-trying choice is Noctua. They’re a fine mix of quality and class. If you think Noctua is a little costly, don’t worry about it and go to Corsair. Unmatched construction efficiency and phenomenal interface feature Support most of RAM’s most recent modules with optimum quietness. The PWM fans ensure excellent service. 

When playing games, the Corsair Hydro H100I Pro is one of the best i7-9700k CPU coolers that can effectively dissipate your system’s excessive heat and function wonder to boost overall performance. This thermally optimized air cooler is fitted with two high-performance adjustable PWM fans of 120mm that provide amazing airflow during the day at reduced noise levels. The system has many phenomenal cooling profiles in addition to all this, which keeps the fan running properly while eliminating noise.

It is unquestionably true that it is of utmost importance to own a top-quality Processor cooler since it encourages heat dissipation and keeps the entire device cool to ensure proper functioning. Take note that without a good cooling system in your possession.

Since the CPU cooler market is full of countless choices, we initially encountered many difficulties while making the correct identification. Still, eventually, we could conclude that Noctua NH-D15 Chromax is the best cooler for i7 9700k because of its remarkable build quality. This cooler’s PWM fans allow exceptional operation with little to no noise, while the fine-tuned heat pipes simultaneously ensure even distribution of heat and better airflow efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use an i7 9700k CPU cooler? 

If you do not use an i7 9700k cooler, either the CPU will not start, or the processor will blow up, so yes, you need an i7 9700k CPU cooler. It is a very efficient CPU and generates heat in abundance, so it needs a proper cooling system.

What air cooling or water cooling is better for an I7-9700k?

Either one is going to work well! However, as we mentioned earlier, as water transfers heat better than air, water cooling will be more efficient. Water is quieter, but it is riskier because the possibility of leakage is still present.

How hot does the CPU cooler  i7-9700K get?

As the CPU is supposed to overclock, if your machine is not designed for airflow and stress, it can get pretty hot. For example, the i7-9700K still runs cooler than the i9-9900K as it doesn’t draw as much power. In the end, getting more cooling than too little is always better and has to do with throttling.

Is i7 9700k CPU cooler superior to 8700k?

Both processors are incredible, but with a 12 percent boost, CPU cooler  i7 9700k slightly improves the performance. The “gaming king” is considered to be both i7 9700k and i7 8700k, but we can say i7 9700k is better at keeping the chip cool and allowing better overclocking than 8700k.

How much heat can be produced from the i7 9700k CPU cooler?

A heat equal to 57 degrees celsius is sustained under power dissipation, and the i7 9700k processor can produce cooling conditions. This heat can be increased in the absence of a CPU cooler and can damage your computer system.

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