5 Best Motherboard For i5 8400

Best Motherboard For i5 8400
Best Motherboard For i5 8400

Intel Core i5 is the best gaming CPU’s still in 2020. If you are looking at the best motherboard for i5 8400, then you are in the right place. We will discuss in this article a couple of great pairs of motherboards for Intel I5 8400.  

When it comes to the selection of the best motherboard for i5 8400, it is essential to check all your system components. The extreme and expensive boards are not worth buying with this processor as it is an unlocked version and does not support overclocking

Gaming is something that is enjoyed by all. Be a professional gamer or a technical specialist you should be able to know actual system configuration like RAM, CPU, GPU Motherboards and Chipset, etc. In any case, you would require specific programming and the specialized apparatus for that. Where to locate the one that we need? 

There are various boards available in the market that are sufficient with gaming support but not specifically for gaming. The questions raised here what the best motherboard for i5 8400 for an incredible performance is?  We will look out here suitable options for the processor.

5 Best Motherboard For i5 8400 To Buy In 2022

Before looking at the good enough motherboards for i5 8400, we have to check the main feature that will work well, which is the board should have a decent fan system to keep the CPU cool in heavy load. Let’s dive into the detailed discussion of the five best motherboards for i5 8400. 

1. ASUS TUF Z390


Impressive motherboard, improves the trace isolation with single integrity and high frequencies

The ASUS offers TUF Z390, the best motherboard for i5 8400 in terms of great gaming experiences. It is the most demanding board all over the world. The TUF motherboards make practical programming as well as programming which is strong and simple to utilize, which is significantly more than all else. 

The main features that we want to discuss early are extraordinary sound with eight-channel HD gaming sound. It has great gaming earphones which include Realtek S1200A. It has FanXpert 4, which gives dynamic framework cooling, which assists on maximum level high performance with ordinary temperature. The unique cooling system is the system requirement for the best motherboard for i5 8400.  

ASUS TUF, gaming motherboards are unbelievable and have been around on the lookout for quite a while. TUF has its segments, for example, TUF Languard, TUF Chokes and so on, which help in boosting the strength of the system. It supports LGA 1151 socket.

The TUF Z390 additionally has ninth and eighth-generation Intel processors which augment the availability just as the speed with the assistance of double M.2 Gigabit LAN. The ASUS Z390 is no doubt an amazing one of the options when we look at the best motherboard for i5 8400, it’s worth buying and recommended by professional gamers. 

  • The ASUS TUF Z390 contains features that increase stability and a good option for long term system requirements.
  • The ASUS TUF Z390 provides a unique cooling system that supports a heavy load and keep the CPU cool for a maximum time. It has built-in FanXpert.
  • The ASUS TUF Z390 is not good in technical support; it brings hurdles while installing and upgrading.

2. MSI Z390

MSI Z390
MSI Z390

Comes with best CPU power connectors and core boost features

Our next pick is MSI Z390; it is the best motherboard for i5 8400 by MSI. We see many newbies in gaming who do not have any idea about this board. We want to discuss here this amazing device. MSI is known for its people to come and progressed PCs. They make the best gaming PCs and processors so MSI must be in this rundown.  

The MSI Z390 has a core boost feature with 8+4 pins. It manages smartly with the CPU power connector. The board consolidates the advanced force plan, and circuit design made only for you. 

The highlights that make it the best motherboard for i5 8400 are heatsink plan that is the upgraded and grown very good quality processors make a point to run it in the max throttle at all times. It also supports like others the 8th and 9th generation processors of Intel. 

The greater part of the players have Windows 10 as we also tested various titles mostly on the same window. The MSI Z390 is manufactured particularly for the gaming and working of windows 10. It also supports LGA 1151 socket.

It additionally underpins a double channel DDR4 memory which endures up to 4400 MHz: Turbo M.2 gen 3 and 4 interfaces for that wonderful and fast performance. We take MSI Z390 is a serious competitor in the list of the best motherboard for i5 8400. 

  • The MSI Z390 has dual-channel DDR4 memory that offers extra room for storage and suitable for smooth performances.
  • The MSI Z390 has designed with a heat sink which makes sure to cool down the motherboard, even at full load.
  • With the reviews of a couple of serious gamers, we noticed the board has a problem with RAM sticks. That needs vigilance while installing.



Recommend this board for budget and value systems confidently

Gigabyte consistently trusts in moving up to the best and the most cutting-edge innovation accessible on the lookout. There has consistently been a lookout for quite a while now. They have consistently researched new technologies in giving us predominant quality and offering eminent types of assistance. 

Gigabyte puts stock in endeavoring each day to improve life for their buyers inside and out. Gigabyte B365M is the best motherboard for i5 8400. It likewise underpins the eighth and ninth ages Intel processors and supports LGA 1151 socket.

Gigabyte additionally offers Dual-channel non-ECC unbuffered DDR4 memory. It likewise has the as good as ever Hybrid computerized PWM plan. The B365M has great capacitors which offer you the best clamor monitor with new and affirmed LED follow way lighting. Gigabyte B365M is Ultra-fast M.2 with PCIe Gen3 x4 & SATA interface. We are not only in favor of this brilliant motherboard for your i5 8400, but you can experience it and then find the exceptional performance.

  • The Gigabyte B365M is high-quality audio capacitors and an audio noise guard with LED Trace path lighting.
  • The board is great for gaming if you are not a passionate performer and don’t have intentions to upgrade your system for heavy tasks.
  • The Gigabyte B365M is very easy to handle and use. You do not need to go into serious research while handling it.
  • We recommend this Gigabyte B365M as it is worth buying.
  • The motherboard supports exclusive 8118 Gaming LAN with Bandwidth Management.
  • The tech support is not good enough, and it brings delays in your installations.
  • The Gigabyte B365M recommends for high-performance work; it works well but not in all settings.

4. MSI B360M Mortar

MSI B360M Mortar
MSI B360M Mortar

The motherboard skills to run your i5 chip at its best

We all know very well that Intel i5 processors support LGA 1151 socket and this MSI B360M Mortar is an mATX type motherboard with an 1151 socket. However, Intel i7 and i5 also work with the same socket. The MSI B360M Mortar makes a good combination with the Intel B360 chipset. 

MSI B360M Morter considers the best motherboard for i5 8400 as it accompanies PCI Express x16 3.0 and has 7.1 coordinated sound alongside Realtek ALC892. It is better in contrast with ALC 887.

MSI B360M Mortar is a board known for its perseverance. The motherboard accompanies a strong latent cooling system for the CPU VRMs, which guarantees a good degree of solidness all through the gaming experience and support of satisfactory temperature at all times. 

There are 4 SATA III ports accessible inside this best motherboard for Intel i5 8400 and 2 M.2 ports also. If we discuss memory types, it has four memory openings that help DDR4 as the ideal choice and can deal with around 64 GB of your memory. 

The MSI B360M refers to passionate users because of its more superior performance level in gaming and other operational tasks. It has without much of a stretch help frequency of up to 2666, 2400 and 2133 MHz. Video experts can discover DVI and HDMI choices here.

  • The MSI B360M Morter features with DIMM Dual-channel DDR4 memory slots supporting max. 64GB at 2666MHz
  • The motherboard support an ATX Power connector (24-pin EATXPWR) that provides flexibility in best performances.
  • The best part of this MSI B360M is the front USB 3.1 and 3.0 Port and 4 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors.
  • UEFI appears to be somewhat messy. Pretty much every setting is shown in a little focal zone. Like one windowed interface.

5. Asus Prime Z370-P

Asus Prime Z370-P
Asus Prime Z370-P

Entirely steady and offers essentially anything you should be joined with some wicked styling.

The Asus Prime Z370-P is another acceptable choice if searching for the best motherboard for i5 8400. The board runs on the Intel Z370 chipset and also has the socket of LGA 1151 which is one of the most key things to make a motherboard viable with i5 8400. it accompanies 4 DDR4 DIMM spaces to house your memory. 

The ASUS Prime Z370-P has upheld for overclocking, which you won’t have to stress over because the i5 8400 isn’t a “K” line processor with an opened clock. If you are hoping to get a load up to use with future designs cards and perhaps move up to an alternate LGA 1151 processor you can overclock, it is a decent choice. 

ASUS gives long term guarantee for this Prime Z370-P. Suppose you are hoping to utilize your system for some time, having a multiyear guarantee. It is pleasant if anything turns out badly with your machine and you have to supplant this motherboard for i5 8400 or related components. 

The installed sound in this motherboard is nice too. It utilizes Realtek ALC887 8-Channel HD Audio Codec alongside Realtek RTL8111H Gigabit LAN.  The ASUS Prime Z370-P accompanies 2 PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 spaces alongside four 3.0/2.0 x1 openings and four SATA 6GBs network ports alongside two or three M.2 Sockets

Regarding availability for USB, it has 4 USB 3.1 Type-A. In any case, it has no VRM heatsinks and no M.2 shields, which can be a major issue if these are highlights you are searching for your best motherboard of i5 8400, be smart and check all features before buying.

  • The board comes in an affordable price range and a good option under USD 200. ASUS Prime Z370-P offers exceptional support and worth buying.
  • The ASUS Prime Z370-P features great RGB lighting and for those who are looking at this quality; it is a suitable option.
  • The Prime Z370-P is an incredible build by ASUS; it has superior memory bandwidth improves the performance of several applications.
  • Very flexible in overclocking and BIOS settings, and it is the high-end features especially for gamers.
  • The Prime Z370-P is not a complete package for those who want everything on one board.
  • In case if you require more slot-like if you have more than two drivers, its four SATA will not work.

Quick Tips For Buyer’s

We will give you some ideas like buying tips while selecting the best motherboard for i5 8400. There are a couple of things you have to consider to ensure you pick the right motherboard for your upcoming tasks. 


A motherboard should be supportive of CPU and RAM. The i5 8400 is compatible with DDR4 RAM. In case of system up-gradation, you have to check the RAM compatibility before upgrading your processor in i5 8400. If you do not have RAM DDR4, then you have to change it with DDR4 then your i5 8400 will work. Our all suggested motherboards feature with DDR4 memory system. 

Chip Sizes

PC cases come in various sizes. At the point when you pick a motherboard, ensure your PC case bolsters the size of the motherboard. Bigger cases can, as a rule, uphold more modest motherboards. It would help if you meant to get the biggest size that your case underpins because you will have more ports and openings accessible to utilize. Different motherboards help all sizes in i5 8400.

CPU Support

The entirety of the motherboards in this guide have chipsets that are viable with the i5-8400. The i5-8400 is just viable with motherboards with LGA 1151 socket. However, it will work with a couple of various motherboard chipsets.

Slots & Ports

Before settling on a motherboard, ensure it has all the ports and openings you will require. It incorporates things like USB ports, sound ports, and RAM openings.


We would suggest purchasing the least expensive motherboard that has all the ports, spaces and highlights that you require. Don’t spend additional cash on highlights you don’t require, however.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an i5 8400 good for gaming?

The Intel Core i5 8400 is the best CPU that is emerged from the Coffee Lake age. At the same time, the K-series has snatched all the features. It has truly ended up being the best Intel CPU for gamers. There is not a second thought when it comes to the best motherboard for i5 8400.

Can you overclock an Intel i5 8400?

The Intel Core i5-8400 is a Hexa-core processor without hyper-threading, with a base clock speed of 2.8GHz, and can help up to 4.0GHz. What’s more, while the i5-8400 is not open, it actually can’t be overclocked, so this implies there’s no motivation to go with a costly motherboard.

Is i5 8400 good for future titles? 

For sure, it is enough for future gaming as the Core i5–8400 is an entirely competent gaming processor. It is the best investment for a further three years until a huge computing revolution happens. It is a recommended option by the experts, and it got to succeed in various testing procedures. 

Can an i5 be better than an i7?

The biggest difference between the i5 and i7 is Hyper-Threading, which is an innovation to build the performance of multithreaded errands. Hyper-Threading helps the processor to double the cores where needs. If your tasks need double treading, i7 is the best option, but if only gaming is your purpose, then mostly gamers suggest i5.

What games can i5 8400 runs?

There are lots of games that you can easily play with i5 8400, significantly, Genshin Impact, Assassins Creed: Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077, and more.


We end up our discussion with the five best motherboards for i5 8400. When you go through our article, you will find one of them perfect for you. All motherboards have different features with specific performances; you should also check their reviews from different sites and then go for the final pick.

Most importantly, you have to check the cooling system of the board and RAM capacity.  You should keep these basic points in your mind while buying the best motherboard for i5 8400. The final suggestion is not to go for high-end purchasing; look for whatever suits your system and fulfill your requirements easily.

If you want a capable motherboard that can perfectly run your system, we suggest MSI B360M Mortar. However, GIGABYTE B365M DS3H is unbeatable if you want to save some money with incredible performing features. Sometimes i5 8400 requires core boost technology with additional CPU power connectors in this scenario, your best motherboard for i5 8400 is MSI Z390.

We compile our complete list of suitable motherboards for i5 8400 with the help of experts and technical supporters. In case of any query-related topic, you may contact us through below comment section. 

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