7 Best Motherboard for Photo Editing

Best Motherboard for Photo Editing
Best Motherboard for Photo Editing

The entry-level motherboards for photo editing are designed to support the latest processors. They have several features that make them ideal for this purpose.

For instance, they come with a series of USB 3.0 ports which is very important because you will be using many devices such as card readers and external hard drives.

They also have the M2 slots, which allow you to use an SSD drive without buying a separate adapter card.

It makes it easy to store your photos and move them around your office or home network quickly and easily.

Top 3 Motherboard For Photo Editing

7 Best Motherboard For Photo Editing To Buy In 2022

The best motherboard for photo editing must be a strong one to serve you for a long time. It should also have the right features that will help you in your work without any problem. 

The motherboards are available at different prices, and it is upon the buyer to select the one depending on their budget and requirement.

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1. ASUS ProArt Z490

ASUS ProArt Z490 is a premium motherboard for people who are serious about their work. It has the LGA1200 socket and supports Intel 8th Gen Core i7/i5/i3 processors. 

The motherboard also supports up to 64GB DDR4 memory modules with speeds of up to 4266MHz.

Highlighted Fatures

The new motherboard is designed with AI that can allocate more power to the active application. In addition, the system offers overclocking based on AI and an expansion capability of up to 3 GPUs. 

It also has a feature called “One-click Overclocking”, which allows novices to overclock their PC without any hassle.

The motherboard allows you to expand your GPU setup by using NVIDIA SLI or AMD Crossfire setups. It also has 2 x PCIe X16 slots for graphics cards, 2 x PCIe X

What Is Best About This Motherboard?

The more VRMs a motherboard has, the better it will be at controlling voltage and stability. 

It is important because high-performance CPUs like Core i7s need a good design for efficient power,

Its distribution across all cores to overclock capability while maintaining optimum system performance levels.

Just about every component on your computer needs some form of juice; that goes double when you’re talking about Very High-Performance Computers.

User Experience

It doesn’t integrate into any of your PCI-E slots like other high-end boards do at this range.

So if you plan to use two graphics cards in SLI/XFire configurations, don’t get one! 

Otherwise, I would recommend using my setup where I have taken advantage of keeping T3. 

It was enabled by populating PCIEx16_2 instead while running 8xGPU speeds, thanks mainly due to 3D rendering versus video editing (my usage).

  • 10th Gen Intel Core processors will provide you with the best performance possible.
  • The LGA 1200 Socket is designed to unleash the maximum power of these new processors.
  • You’ll be able to work and create faster than ever before, so your ideas can take shape without any restrictions.
  • Your computer won’t slow down or crash on you while in the middle of a project, so you can get back up and running as soon as possible.
  • High in price

2. MSI Gaming Intel X299 Motherboard

The MSI X299 motherboard is one of the best motherboards for gaming and non-gaming purposes. 

It has an extended Heatsink, PCIe steel armor, and steel slot for maximum system durability. 

It also comes with an audio boost feature which will give you high-quality sound when using headphones or speakers.

In addition, this board is designed to support up to 64 GB DDR4 memory.

So it can use for heavy applications like photo editing or video processing. 

Highlighted Features

The MSI X299 SLI PLUS motherboard is designed to make your system boot up faster, play games more smoothly, and load applications in a snap.

 It features the latest Intel® Core™ processors for socket LGA 2066. With support for 32GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory.

 You’ll have the memory bandwidth needed to smoothly run your games and video editing applications at maximum performance.

The MSI X299 SLI PLUS motherboard is designed to make your system boot up faster, play games more smoothly, and load applications.

What Is Best About This Motherboard?

The Best Motherboard for Photo Editing is the one that offers the greatest value in terms of performance, quality and ease of use.

In addition, this motherboard is highly compatible with most components, giving you more freedom to build your system. 

With its built-in cooling system, this motherboard helps prevent overheating and prolongs the life of your PC. 

It also supports multiple GPUs, allowing you to play games on ultra settings without lag or stutter. 

You can even overclock your CPU and RAM with this motherboard’s advanced features.

User Experience 

it was painful and nothing on MSI’s part. The ASUS, ugh! I bought their flagship Omega Mobo for $800 at the time, only to have it die on me in about seven months of light no OCing use.

It is probably why so many people report problems with this board or any ASRock or other MSI Motherboard. 

We’ll see how long my new MSI motherboard lasts but considering keeping this one after five years’ worth of building computers for myself alone.”

  • Get your system up and running quickly.
  • Enjoy playing games on high quality, easy install rig.
  • Feel the power of lightning-quick performance with Core Boost and DDR4 Boost.
  • Multiple GPU support for the latest games
  • Expensive product

3. Gigabyte B365M DS3H

The ASRock Z170 Pro4S is a great motherboard for the price. It offers very few bells and whistles and therefore maximizes its value for your use in photo editing tasks. 

If you are looking forward to building an affordable Intel-based photo editing PC, you can consider this a perfect entry-level motherboard.

Highlighted Features

It is a micro ATX motherboard with an Intel LGA 1151 socket, and thus it supports all the Intel 8th and 9th generation processors. 

However, the newer processors based on the LGA1200 are not supported.

One key point to note with this motherboard is that it offers 4 DIMM slots instead of just two on most entry-level mATX boards. 

In addition, it can support upto 64 GB of DDR 4 RAM divided across its four ports into 16 GB sticks.

What Is Best About This Motherboard?

This motherboard is a great choice for budget Intel builds. The motherboard offers 6 SATA slots, 1 PCIe M.2 slot, and 1 PCIe X16 for your graphics card.

It also comes with two DDR4 memory slots that support up to 32 GB of RAM at 2400 MHz frequency. 

In addition, you can install an additional 4th generation processor in this motherboard.

This motherboard supports up to 7 USB ports, out of which one is a USB 3.0 type A port while the other 6 are USB 2.0 ports. It

User Experience

Micro ATX motherboards are becoming more and more popular as they offer many features without a large footprint. 

For example, Gigabyte offers an affordable Micro-ATX board. 

That is perfect for mini ITX systems or people who just want something small with all the necessary ports, buttons & LEDs on it to make life easier.

It’s also got GEN 9 processors right out compatibility, so you can start playing games immediately. 

There is no need to upgrade again later down this year when Intel releases their latest chipset.

Its compact size, I’m sure most gamers won’t have any problem storing. But, of course, these are under the desk at work too, which makes them handy if you’re constantly moving around between different rooms daily.

  • it Supports the 8th Gen Intel Core processors.
  • Faster than ever before.
  • Feel the power of gaming with Gigabyte’s exclusive 8118 Gaming LAN
  • High-quality Audio Capacitors and Audio Noise Guard with LED Trace Path Lighting
  • Not good for 9th Gen processor


A compact mini ITX motherboard for casual and low-level builds. Suitable for Intel-based processors with LGA 1200 sockets.

ASROCK B460M is a photo editing motherboard that supports 7th and 6th generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3, Pentium and Celeron processors. 

It features two DDR4 DIMMs and one PCIe 3.0 x16 slot to support dual graphics cards at 4K resolution, making it the most suitable board for casual.

Highlighted Features

Motherboards are a critical part of a computer system. It is the one that connects all other components. It allows them to communicate with each other.

This motherboard will allow you to connect your CPU, RAM, GPU and any other component you want to add to it. 

On this board, you can build an extremely powerful gaming PC or even a powerful workstation for photo editing using the latest Intel 10th Gen processors.

The motherboard has an LGA 1200 socket that supports these new-gen processors. It makes it future proof in case if you ever need to upgrade your

What Is Best About This Motherboard?

The ASRock B460M Pro4 is a microATX motherboard with support for 7th and 6th generation Intel processors and the latest entry-level B460 chipset. 

It offers 4 x SATA 3 ports and can be paired with a single M.2 SSD on its M.2 port. The board also features wifi connectivity via its 802.11ac 2T/2R + BT 4.1 module. The Wifi connectivity uses an onboard antenna to connect to your wireless network at speeds of up to 867 Mbps (5Gbps effective).

User Experience

It is a great board for the money! It has plenty of features and performs well. The only real drawback to me was that it’s not overclockable, but hey – at $202, I can live with that knowing how often these things go on sale anyway. 

This motherboard works fine in Windows 10 x64 without any problems whatsoever; plus, you get built-in wifi too, which comes in handy When connecting up all sorts of things like printers or other computers via USB cable.

You’ll never want another computer peripheral again, thanks to this little gem from Asus.

  • Get more out of your non-K series CPUs.
  • If you don’t have a Z series motherboard, this is the next best thing.
  • More power for less money!
  • You’ll have more options when building a new PC.
  • It is not good to at least have one type c port and more capable wifi

5. ASUS ROG Strix B550-F

The ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming motherboard is a high-end board for gaming and content creation. It supports AMD Ryzen 3 5000 Series processors and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs. 

This motherboard comes with the latest Aura Sync RGB lighting technology to give you a stunning look & feel while gaming or doing other activities on your PC.

Highlighted Features

ROG Strix B550-F is a photo editing motherboard that features the latest AMD AM4 socket and supports the newest Ryzen processors. 

Two M.2 slots support up to type 22110 for maximum storage flexibility and ultra-fast data transfer speed, and both these M.2 slots also support NVM Express RAID for a maximum performance boost.

This gaming motherboard has 12+2 Dr. MOS’s power stages design with high-quality alloy chokes and durable capacitors that provide optimal power delivery to the latest AMD Ryzen CPUs. 

What Is Best About This Motherboard?

The 5X Protection III hardware-level safeguards provide you with comprehensive protection and reliability, while the unique cooling system keeps your components cool even when they’re pushed to their limits.

This motherboard features an onboard 2.5G Ethernet LAN. It provides your wired connection with a performance boost with up to 2.5X performance improvement over the standard Ethernet connections. 

It means you can transfer files faster and play online games without lag!

User Experience

I’m glad I found this product because it met all of my needs. The BIOS updates are easy, quick and simple to do with the help of a USB drive.

It is done by pushing on-screen buttons while booting up to get access right away instead of having to go past different steps like before

  • Powerful performance and connectivity.
  • Robust power and effective cooling.
  • There is good Futuristic aesthetics that will turn heads at any LAN party.
  • Intuitive software that’s easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Not good for installing the network driver


This motherboard is designed to support 9th & 10th Gen Intel Core processors for LGA 1200 socket. In addition, it comes with 5-Way Optimization that automatically configures overclocking profiles for you to get the best performance out of your PC.

It is based on the hardware configuration you choose. 

Highlighted Features

Gigabyte’s GA-Z490 UD motherboard is a gaming powerhouse that will handle everything from daily commuting to intense gaming sessions and photo editing. 

It comes with 4 DIMM slots and supports up to 32GB of DDR3 memory at 1600MHz. In addition, this board features Direct 11+1 Power Phase Digital VRMs with Dr MOS stages for optimal power delivery to the CPU. 

Additionally, this Gigabyte motherboard uses enlarged MOSFET heat sinks with grooved designs that provide more surface area and improve the thermal performance of the board.

What Is Best About This Motherboard?

it is the best motherboard for photo editing under a good budget of $200. Moreover, this model is equipped with ultra-durable components such as double locking brackets, PCIe armor, solid pin power connectors, and Q-Flash Plus for maximum performance. 

Not just this, this model offers 2-way Crossfire support and comes with dual PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 for maximum data transfer speed.

It also comes with Realtek 8118 GAMING LAN and USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A ports for maximum networking & connectivity options.

User Experience

Gigabyte’s name reflects the company’s focus on building quality hardware. The first GIGABYTE motherboard I purchased was for my AMD Phenom many moons ago.

It still worked perfectly 12 years later when this one came into play at just under half its cost! Gigabytes make an excellent product.

Don’t hesitate to buy if you need something robust that will last more than five years with regular care.

  • it Supports the latest Intel processors for performance.
  • It runs faster in working ever before.
  • You can be sure that your computer will never slow down again with this new processor!
  • Direct 11+1 Phase Digital VRMs with DrMOS Stages
  • Extended MOS Heatsink VRM Cooling
  • It won’t even boot into the BIOS

7. MSI Z590 PRO

MSI Z590 PRO WIFI is the perfect motherboard for creative professionals’ photo editing to expand their capabilities. 

This MSI Motherboard offers a premium platform with the capacity to support both cutting-edge and legacy hardware, processors, and gaming hardware.

Highlighted Features

The MSI Z590 Pro Carbon AC is designed for photo editors and gamers who need a motherboard to keep up with their fast-paced gaming lifestyle. 

This motherboard supports the latest 10th & 11th Gen Intel Core processors for LGA 1200 socket. Plus, it supports DDR4 memory up to 5333MHz memory speed and comes with two PCIe 4.0 x16 slots (x16/x0, x8/x8). 

It also provides you with an M.2 slot for high-speed SSDs and an M.2 Shield Frozr heatsink to help reduce

What Is Best About This Motherboard?

The MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon is the best motherboard for photo editing. It features an Intel Skylake processor and supports DDR4 RAM up to 3866MHz. 

This model comes with a Turbo M.2 slot that allows you to transfer files at speeds of up to 32 GB/s. At the same time, its USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports allow you to transfer data at speeds of up to 10 Gb/s. 

The board’s Audio Boost 4 technology delivers high-quality sound output, while its Steel Armor PCI-Express slots are protected by extra metal.

User Experience

I built a new computer for my mom that she can use at work. Her old one was ten years old, and it didn’t support CPUs with integrated video.

So I decided to buy her an MB, which has an HDMI port connecting directly to the monitor and the CPU if supported components (which mine does).

 You don’t need any kind of graphics card because this particular model supports them both!

  • Work more efficiently with a stable and productive experience.
  • Less troubleshooting and longevity.
  • Be able to do your best work every day.
  • Get back to what you love doing most, creating!
  • Be at the top of your photo editing with PRO series motherboards.
  • Not good at boosting

Factors to Study before Buying the Best Motherboard for Photo Editing

The best motherboard for you is a difficult decision that requires research into your specific needs. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing the right one:


When building a PC for photo editing, the choice of CPU and motherboard can affect performance. The chipset varies by manufacturer, but even within one brand, there are different variations to choose from.

It is based on what type of processor you want in your machine – Intel or AMD? 

You’ll also have more options available if considering boards with features like M-ATX versus ATX size brackets, as well as SLI technology compatibility.

Form Factor

A large motherboard will offer more ports, enhanced extensibility and PCIe slots. On the other side, smaller motherboards grant you maximum portability & flexibility.

It is good if you’re planning to build a more compact computer system. There are three different form factors for modern-day CPUs: standard ATX (for desktops), mATX or microATX, Mini ITX.

 It is used in laptops with limited space available on their panels due to its small size range between 14″ inches up to 17″.

Memory Overclocking Support

When it comes to AMD Ryzen processors, the company has relied on Infinity Fabric which depends heavily upon memory speed because of its dependency. 

It makes for faster speeds, important factors when considering any motherboard for this line-up and Intel CPUs. But not quite at that level since you can easily work with kits without running into problems.

PCI Slots

A PCI slot is a connection or port that allows expansion cards to be connected. It all depends on how you plan for your computer and what type of games, videos or graphics work best with it! 

So if I were Hardcore Gamer, then my motherboard would need at least one full-speed PCIe x16 slot.

 So I can connect multiple graphic cards without any drops in performance. I understand there might not always come out when we want, but please do try.

Some people don’t like change, so maybe an update came around & now our old slots won’t fit anymore because companies changed.

Random Access Memory

You should consider what type of RAM you plan on using before making your final decision. If possible, opt for at least 16GBs.

 It will be easier down the road and less costly than purchasing more once needed. Additionally, look out for motherboards with four or more memory slots so that you can expand as desired!

If still you are confused so check out our details guide on how to choose a motherboard.


For photo editing, a motherboard is not as important as the CPU and RAM. However, you should still match all components properly to prevent potential problems with your system.

Good For professionals who work in this industry day-in and day-out. We would recommend investing in an expensive process that can handle heavy workloads at once without overheating. 

It paired up nicely together. These elements will provide optimum performance levels no matter what program you’re running on PC Part Picker.

Photoshop can utilize multiple cores, but its performance degrades after two. With four cores and a high clock speed, it will only be 25% as fast with the same number of threads on your processor compared to dual-core processors at lower speeds.

Many people who are just starting might think that they need more than 2GB of memory because their program is too big or complex for such a low amount.

I am a computer science graduate, and I love to play games. As an offline and online marketplace seller of computer hardware, I have the opportunity to help people make informed decisions about what they can use for their needs.