6 Best Video Card for HTPC

Best Video Card for HTPC
Best Video Card for HTPC

If you are building an HTPC for your home theatre, make sure to get a good-quality video card. There is nothing worse than having high-quality movies or programs playback on lower settings because the graphics don’t match.

 It will only cause frustration when trying to watch something in its highest definition possible.

So if gaming and graphic design/videography matter most to you while using one of these devices at work from time to time, go ahead.

If not, consider investing just a little bit more money into getting a better-performing GPU. So no need to be stressed about low FPS rates anymore.

Since they can ruin the gameplay experience, especially during action sequences where players rely heavily upon responsive controls, requiring higher processing power levels.

In a Hurry? Consider These 3 Best Choices

Top pick video card: ZOTAC Gaming GeForce GTX 1660

Runner-up video card: Gigabyte GeForce GT 710

Best budget video card: Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030

6 Best Video Cards For HTPC To Buy In 2022

HERE is the best video card for HTPC that plays a vital role in solving your problem for suitable selection. 

1. ZOTAC Gaming GeForce GTX 1660

The GeForce GTX 1660 Super is a graphics card by NVIDIA, launched in February 2019. Built on the 12 nm process, and based on the TU116 graphics processor, in its TU116-400A-A1 variant, the card supports DirectX 12.0. 

The TU116 graphics processor is an average-sized chip with a die area of 200 mm² and 3,200 million transistors. It features 640 shading units, 40 texture mapping units and 32 ROPs. Also included are 160 tensor cores for machine learning applications. 

Highlighted Features

The GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card is loaded with innovative new gaming technologies, making it the perfect choice for the latest high-definition games.

Powered by NVIDIA Pascal™—the most advanced GPU architecture ever created.

The GeForce GTX 1070 delivers a brilliant performance that opens the door to virtual reality and beyond. 

Get high levels of performance and a smooth experience possible from the moment you start playing. Discover next-generation VR performance, low latency, and plug-and-play compatibility with leading headsets. 

What Is Best About This Video Cards

The GeForce GTX 1660 Super is a graphics card by NVIDIA, launched in January 2019.

Built on the 12 nm process, it features 1408 shading units, 192 texture mapping units and 64 ROPs. In addition, the GPU is capable of rendering images at a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels.

The GPU is running on a 1785 MHz core clock speed and a 14000 MHz memory clock speed.

User Experience

The card is an excellent addition to my gaming computer. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much chance yet. But it handles all the games at max settings smoothly and doesn’t make too much noise! 

The only thing that’s been noticeable so far has been an increase in temperature (to around 34 degrees Celcius).

All other components stay below 83 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes me happy knowing how hot these things can get under load without adequate cooling systems installed onto them.

The GeForce RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition graphics cards are simply unique. They open up new possibilities when playing video games or doing anything else where you need fast rendering speeds like 3D modeling work.

  • Faster than ever before.
  • Twice the memory of the previous generation.
  • Be able to take on any challenge with ease.
  • Never worry about running out of power again.
  • Ports present in limit.

2. Gigabyte GeForce GT 710 2GB Graphics Card

The Gigabyte GeForce GT 710, also known as GV-N710D5-2GL, is a great graphics card for HTPC users. It offers good graphics quality, and it does not consume much power.

Also, you can use it to play games if you want to do so. 

However, the gaming experience will be far from optimal because of its low performance. The Gigabyte GeForce GT 710 has an integrated GPU with 2GB of DDR3 memory onboard that offers good.

Highlighted Features

The Gigabyte GeForce GT 710 graphics card is an excellent choice for your HTPC. It has 2GB DDR5 memory with a 64-bit memory bus and a 5010 MHz memory clock.

 The core clock is 954 MHz, and the process technology is 28nm. Moreover, its recommended PSU is 300 W. It has 2 x multi-view and uses PCI-E 2.0 x 8 as the interface.

What Is Best About This Video Card?

This HTPC video card is the best you can find in the market right now.

It has a core clock of 954 MHz with 192 CUDA. The great thing about this video card is that it comes with 2GB DDR5 memory and HDMI/DVI/VGA ports for connectivity. 

The colors are mind-blowing, and so is the clarity of the graphics. Also, it comes with overclocking software though that is a little limited as well.

This video card doesn’t need any power supply to run itself; it runs on its own, which makes

User Experience

I talked about how to get a graphics card installed without much hassle. This update is working as expected with only minor problems from time to time when running games such as Plague Inc. 

However, given its low price compared to other brands on the market today – which would have been more expensive due to inflation, of course, since last year! So my next step will be getting maybe a watt or two increased through upgrading some components inside our case while still staying within budget limits.

 Because we don’t want too many changes happening here just yet until after wedding funds come in, at least enough for me not to worry

  • Economical for gamers on a budget.
  • Great for casual gaming, surfing the web, and watching movies.
  • Play your favorite games like never before.
  • Get more done with less time spent waiting around for things to load.
  • Not for gaming.

3. Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030

The Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 is the best video card for HTPC. It’s perfect for small form factor builds.  The GT 1030 has 2GB of GDDR5 memory and runs on a 64-bit bus with a 128-bit interface.

It will run 4K UHD content without any issues at all.

The GPU supports Microsoft DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, OpenCL 1.2, and Vulkan 1.0 APIs in Windows 7/8/10 operating systems. The GPU also supports HDCP 2.2 when connected to an HDMI 2.

Highlighted Features

This Geforce GTX graphic card comes with a custom-designed fan cooler. The fan keeps the speed and the noise at a lower level. In addition, it optimizes the airflow efficiently through the blades for maximum airflow.

 It helps in effective heat dissipation from the GPU, so you continue to enjoy your games.

The AORUS graphics engine lets you customize this card to your gaming needs.

3e4r54ewa enjoy one-click overclocking through the AORUS graphics engine and get increased performance in games! Whether you are looking for a higher clock speed or a lower.

What Is Best About This Video Card?

It is powered by GeForce® GT 1030 Integrated with 2GB GDDR5 64-bit memory interface Low profile design with 150 mm card length Full Microsoft® DirectX® 12 support Two HDMI 2.0b ports.

It supports a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160 @ 30 Hz Supports HDCP 2.2 and HDR.

The NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 is powered by Pascal™ architecture, delivering up to 3X the performance of previous-generation cards at half the power consumption, in addition, loaded with innovative NVIDIA Game Ready technologies that let you.

User Experience

Something is pleasing about tearing through a game in one go.

That feeling you get when the credits roll, and it’s time for an achievement, or maybe just some extra lives! Well, now I can play them all without worrying about my computer getting too slow.

MSI R7 250 2GB DDR3 inside, which has been able to handle everything thrown at it with ease since day 1–from playing Fable Anniversary on medium settings (which barely reached 30FPS) up until Wolfenstein.

The New Order/The Old Blood gameplay was limited only by how much resources your laptop had available due to its lower-spec requirement. Even then, most laptops will still manage 25-30 FPS under maximum intensity graphics.

  • Smooth and Crisp Visuals.
  • Ultra Durable Components.
  • Intuitive AORUS Graphics Engine Utility.
  • It’s like a whole new world of gaming!
  • Not suitable for higher games.

4. MSI N210-MD1G/D3 GeForce 210

The MSI N210-MD1G/D3 is a graphics card of good value and performed well.

However, even though it is an affordable video card for HTPC, it does not support 4K videos. It is not a piece of good news for the hard-core fan of Netflix, though. 

Still, this entry-level GPU offers clear graphics. So if you are not addicted to 4K and are satisfied with the 1080p, this graphics card should not disappoint you. Also, its Nvidia GeForce 210 will allow you for photo editing and some video editing as well.

Highlighted Features

MSI N210-MD1G/D3 GeForce 210 1 GB DDR3 is a low-profile PCI Express 2.0 x16 graphics card that supports DirectX 11 and Shader Model 4.1. 

The GeForce 210 GPU comes with 1 GB DDR3 memory and a 64-bit memory bus with 1000 MHz clock speed. In addition, MSI N210-MD1G/D3 GeForce 210 comes with 16 CUDA cores, 589 MHz core clock, and 20W power consumption. Moreover, it has a 1 x HDMI port, 1 x DVI port.

What Is Best About This Video Card?

It is a low-profile graphics card that is great for HTPC use.

It offers excellent performance compared to the low price. Apart from watching movies or photo editing, you can use it for a productivity workstation. 

This cheap GPU is great for dual monitors or HTPC use. HDMI, VGA, and DVI are supported, which means you can pretty much connect it to any monitor or TV.

Also, one can use it as a low-budget gamer. That’s why it is an excellent value for the price.

User Experience

The video card gets hot under heavy load, but it can keep itself excellent thanks to its stock heat sink and fan, both working awesomely.

In addition, the low-profile brackets in the package make installation easy for anyone who doesn’t know hardware!

The enhanced sound of this product lives up nicely even though we paid more than what other graphics cards would cost at their lowest point price – so don’t let that put you off buying one now before they sell out again!!

  • This video card is an excellent choice for gamers and PC enthusiasts.
  • It’s an excellent choice for people who want to play the latest games in full HD with high frame rates.
  • You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite movies without any lag or freezing.
  • The video card supports HDCP so that you can watch movies in 1080p without any problems.
  • Not suitable for 4k streaming.

6. MSI Graphics Card GT 1030 2G LP OC

MSI GT 1030 2G LP OC is one of the best video cards for you to use in your HTPC.

It has a low profile, so it will not take up much space on your motherboard. It is also straightforward to install and does not require any tools. 

The MSI GT 1030 2G LP OC graphics card is compatible with any system that runs on Windows 7 or higher versions of Windows. You can watch movies on a higher resolution using this GPU without having to spend too much money. 

Highlighted Features

The GT 1030 2G LP OC is a graphics card for HTPC. It supports HDCP 2.2, and the power consumption is 30 W which is very low. Moreover, it uses PCI Express x16 3.0 as the interface and 384 cores, which run at 1518 MHz / 1265 MHz.

 It has a display/HDMI port, and also it includes a Display/HDMI port and uses PCI Express x16 3.6 as the interface.

What Is Best About This Video Card?

The MSI Graphic Card GT 1030 2G LP OC is a low-profile video card. It has a single slot, and it can easily fit into any motherboard of your computer system. 

The 2GB GDDR5 chips are on the board for 1080p gaming. However, you can also play many games at 4K resolution by customizing the limits of this video card.

This HTPC GPU is famous for improving the onboard graphics of any processor. If you have an old processor that doesn’t have dedicated graphic cards, then this one will be your best choice to

User Experience

I know this is the only 1030 GT with a DP connector. The ones with DVI-I ports, as far I’ve tested them all, are single link and cannot output more than 60 Hz at 1080p resolution on my Asus monitor.

 Which has 144Hz refresh rate capability, but it struggles to keep up when playing games in higher settings or trying out some of those fancy new tech demos that come every day online – even though these cards use almost no power! 

This guy here goes by 30 watts max draw from your computer’s vitals, so you don’t need any extra circuits installed inside an enclosure like mine either; plus, he doesn’t require much space: just give him.

  • Low power consumption.
  • NVIDIA GeForce graphics card with 2GB of video memory.
  • Enjoy high definition games without a hitch!
  • Use as A low profile card that is fit into any system for function.
  • Prove to be a perfect graphics card for your needs.
  • Increase the heating.

7. ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 Zone Edition

Zotac GeForce GT 730 Zone Edition is a few-year-old GPU but still offers one of the best performances at the same level as many newly released GPUs. Moreover, as a 4GB card, the price is reasonable. 

It is easy to install and is small enough to fit in your small PC case also. Web browsing, video & photo editing, as well as some high-level gaming on your HTPC, can be done thanks to this video card. Moreover, its low profile brackets make it easier for your HTPC co-operation.

Highlighted Features

This GPU card is a perfect choice for your HTPC. The low profile brackets fit in most HTPCs.

It works excellent for 4k video playback and gaming at 1080p resolution. You can enjoy games or videos on 4k settings with this budget GPU card.

 Moreover, it supports HDMI, DVI, VGA, and 3D capability so you can have an immersive experience of your favorite movies or games. Finally, it will make your old PC run like new with the system’s enhanced performance and graphics quality.

What Is Best About This Video Card?

The ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 Zone Edition graphics card is the perfect upgrade for an HTPC. It has 384 CUDA cores that run at 902 MHz, and it can run triple displays simultaneously.

This product comes with 4GB DDR3 memory, a 64-bit memory bus, and a 1600 MHz memory clock. The interface it uses is PCI Express 2.0 x 8 lanes, and it can support Directx 11 technology. 

Also, this video card supports NVIDIA PhysX technology that allows you to enjoy dynamic effects like blazing explosions and

User Experience

I powered down my PC, put the card in an empty x16 PCIe slot and moved the monitor’s plug over. Windows 10 installed Nvidia drivers automatically with no issues whatsoever.

It then updated itself using their download page for driver updates which is great.

This way, if anything happens to go wrong or your computer crashes during installation, there will be another backup available at all times.  Just like what happened today! Once completed updating, everything looked normal again without any trace of how much time had passed since the last update.

  • Experience the latest graphics cards through this card.
  • Watch your favourite movies with 1080p resolution.
  • Get a sense of power and control over your gaming experience.
  • Be able to play any game you want on your TV without buying a new gaming computer.
  • Produce high heat at overload.

Buyer Guides For Best Video Card For HTPC

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right video card.

We know you want a quick and easy answer, but there’s no need for any sour taste! So here, we will cover what features should be on your list of priorities and which ones aren’t so important or don’t matter at all in this selection process.


Lastly, we have to consider the brand reputation. When choosing a graphics card from any top-tier brands like Asus, Zotac or Gigabyte, you should be just fine as all have years in the field and produce cards with high standards for performance at affordable prices. So pick one that suits your needs perfectly!

Use Case

When buying any PC hardware, regardless if it’s a video card for an HTPC or processor for a workstation, make sure to consider how you plan on using them. Do not spend more than necessary and get what is needed rather than just getting something because it’s “pretty enough.”

Now, this all depends on your needs, but here’s some info that might help. Suppose watching high-resolution videos & movies with no plans of gaming.

It means low mid-range graphics cards are best suited while gamers will need more vital processors/graphics cards to produce optimal results when playing games at max settings fps rate etc.

Power Consumption

If you’re upgrading your home theatre PC with a video card, the chances are that it’s using integrated graphics. Integrated GPUs are built-in processors and don’t require an extra power supply because they draw from PCIe slots.

Beefy cards might need one, though! They also make for an ideal HTPC as not much demand. It is made on them so long as air conditioning is not off in case temperatures get too high.

There was dust around when playing games, causing overheating issues.

A lot less demanding than gaming consoles which brick-sized batteries can power. It has all other ports taken up, leaving little room inside to install cooling fans etc. but still significant.

Memory Clock and Memory Size

Buying a video card with more memory is like buying a faster computer. It doesn’t matter if the other device has higher clock speeds because you’ll want to store all your movies and TV shows on it anyway!

A 2GB GPU might be better suited for high-resolution gaming, while 4 GB can handle most games easily without any issues. Clock rate also affects performance; therefore, when shopping around, remember both statistics’ specifications and what they use primarily.

 So as not to get caught off guard later down this road after installing new drivers/ SOFTWARE, which could vary wildly based upon the use case.


If you’re looking for a video card that will work well in an HTPC, then the GeForce GTX 1660 is your best bet. It offers excellent performance and features at a budget-friendly price point. The ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 can drive smooth gameplay with no stuttering or tearing.

When playing games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft, that is on high settings.

It makes it perfect for home theatre PCs, where graphics quality can sometimes sacrify due to screen size restrictions.

 We hope we’ve helped you find the right video card for your needs! Let us know if you have any questions about our article, and don’t forget to check out all of the great deals we offer here at Video Card.

A GPU is indeed for watching 4K videos. It is because the graphics in these high-resolution screens have so much information, clarity and detail. However, they will not run properly without the power of a fast video card to render them smoothly.

It is enabled, which helps reduce screen tearing during gameplay and prolong the monitor life span!

I am a computer science graduate, and I love to play games. As an offline and online marketplace seller of computer hardware, I have the opportunity to help people make informed decisions about what they can use for their needs.