DDR4 3000 Vs 3600 | Which One Is Best

Computer users must care for several items every day, including storage space, to ensure a smooth performance. Screen size, speed of processing, and, naturally, RAM resolution is essential. In this article, we will make a brief description of DDR4 3000 vs. 3600.

A gaming fan or an ordinary multi-tasker needs to consider things that help minimize machine delays to a minimum. And upgrading the PC into a DDR4 RAM that’s more premium is among the few better choices.

Mostly, it seems that you can speed up regardless of what your critical task is on the PC. But such improvements sometimes lead to confusion if two great options, DDR4 3000 and DDR4 3600, are required.

We have done our utmost to keep no stone unturned and have to collect hundreds of benchmarks. Although this feature’s emphasis is on gaming results, those wondering are not usually hugely affected by memory speed or timing.

Since this is very widespread, any memory-sensitive application will be affected, but you won’t see a significant difference when looking at these Corona results for rendering and encoding workloads.

DDR4 3000 Vs 3600
DDR4 3000 Vs 3600

DDR4 3000 Vs 3600 | Which One Is Best

Let us start with the difference between DDR4 3000 Vs. 3600.

1. RAM and Capacity Type

Rams will vary depending on the given options in different technologies, memory types, and capabilities.

The majority of Rams have 64 GB of memory, which provides good access to all workloads, particularly for heavy multi-tasks or games.

Generally speaking, the Ram DDr4 provides 4GB to 32GB of memory for most PC applications. It does not matter what kind of Ram in both worlds; it depends on your PC and your work programs’ workload.

DDR4 3000 RAM

The DDr4 3000 Rams are usually available with sufficient memory space for a smooth operation of up to 64GB. They also have good memory forms DRAM and DIMM for quickly running applications with reasonable frame rates. But the SDRAM memory form they don’t have.

DDR4 3600 RAM

On the other hand, the DDr4 3600 Rams can handle heavy applications comfortably with equivalent memory capability for up to 64GB.

It also features SDRAM, DRAM, and DIMM to increase performance in most computers. Single modules options are also available on the 3600 Rams.

The DDr4 3600 memory type is probably the winner for its fascinating features between Ram capabilities and memory styles.

Final Verdict

The DDr4 3600 memory type is probably the winner for its fascinating features between Ram capabilities and memory styles.

2. Data Transfer Bandwith Dissimilarity

In general, the DDr4 3000 and 3600 Rams feature different bandwidth transfer data, ensuring that PCs run smoothly. While both rams have enhanced data transfer capability, we still find a clear winner.

The Rams in most PCs are also programmed to move data more quickly and smoothly to make action clearer. The calculation is with Mb or Kb per second of Ram’s data change bandwidth.

DDR4 3000 RAM

The DDr4 3000 Rams generally come with a PC4-24000 bandwidth transfer data that ensures quicker transmission. Also, the PC4-24000 shows a variable speed of 24,000 Mb per second variable speed.

DDR4 3600 RAM

The DDr4 3600 Rams, on the other hand, features PC4-25600 bandwidth shifting speeds that ensure that your PC handles multiple online operations easily. They also provide good data flow speed without delay, allowing you to get 25,600 Mb per second.

Final Verdict

The DDr4 3600 Ram in both worlds is the best solution for increasing the PC’s reaction and reducing bottlenecks after reading both sides.

3. RAM Clock Speed Frequency

Both Ram comes with different frequencies of clock speed that separate them. They ensure that they play any applications flawlessly and quickly using an exemplary memory module.

However, in the clock speed, we find one Ram better than the other. Typically, all Ram come with good frequency speed to improve performance and frame rates in high-end applications or games. The Rams clock speed also ensures that you can do any tasks more quickly.

DDR4 3000 RAM

The DDr4 3000 Rams mainly has a clock speed of 3000MHz, which guarantees quick results. They are in the middle between the best and worst when it comes to faster processing. However, playing with a clock speed of 3000MHz is also fantastic.

DDR4 3600 RAM

Quite the contrary, the DDr4 3600 Rams has a speed of 3600MHz that guarantees better functionality and processing speed. They are the best to play games such as actual graphics and movement.

Final Verdict

If both the DDr4 3600 memories are placed in the same table to compare their clock speed, the faster rate of the DDr4 3600 will benefit.

4. Motherboard Suitability

The compatibility of Rams’ motherboard is a significant factor in ensuring that all desktops match correctly. Not every Ram is essentially good for the majority of the motherboard.

However, motherboard compatibility choices have several advantages. Both Rams on top ensure that the motherboard is suitable for every PC without any problems. However, in terms of motherboard compatibility, we find one Ram better than another.

DDR4 3000 RAM

The DDr4 3000 Rams are generally compatible with several motherboards for your PC. Their fitness is in Intel 100, 200 & 300 series, and Intel X299 motherboards, so they can easily be attached and mounted every day.

DDR4 3600 RAM

The DDr4 3600 Rams also offer plenty of adaptability options for the motherboard to fits in easily. They also have innovative PC compatibilities such as Intel Series 100, 200 & 300 and Intel X299 and AMD Series 300 & 400, and so on.

Final Verdict

We want to assume that the DDr4 3600 Ram is the frontrunner for their brilliant fitting choices between the memory motherboard styles.

5. RAM Power Consumption

Rams’ electricity consumption is a favorable consideration, which sometimes leads to problems if ignored. Since Ram requires an excellent voltage to help the PC, it causes bills and wastes energy.

The total voltage specifications of the DDr4 3000 and 3600 Rams are different, with various options for saving fuel and money. We find, however, one obvious winner for Ram.

DDR4 3000 RAM

The DDr4 3000 Rams usually have good choices and can easily access up to 1.2 to 1.4 voltages on most PCs. They also ensure that reasonable electricity-consuming solutions save both your home bills and resources.

DDR4 3600 RAM

The DDr4 3600 Rams, on the other hand, features unique choices running in 1.35-1.6 voltages. Compared to the 3000 Rams, they prefer to expend more energy and make your home charges rise faster.

Final Verdict

When we set both types of memories together, we will find that the DDr4 3000 Ram is the most powerful solution to use.

6. CAS Latency Difference

Both Rams have better CAS latency which guarantees good efficiency but in various ways. At nanosecond measurement, they appear to have different memory latency and the same speed.

However, one Ram’s CAS latency is higher than another. Rams CAS’s latency ensures good speed and frequency, without delay or latency, and suits the workload’s intenseness. It also provides a decent ability to load games or high-end applications quickly.

DDR4 3000 RAM

Of course, 14 to 19 memory latency at DDr4 3000 Rams with a latency of 0.667 nanoseconds is similar. You ensure on top that you use most PCs with slightly more latency quickly and smoothly.

DDR4 3600 RAM

The DDr4 3600 Rams, on the other hand, are provided with 14 to 16 memory latency at the same speed of latency of 0.625 nanoseconds. The DDr4 3600 Rams are not good enough for FPS to play most games smoothly even though they are later than the other one.

Final Verdict

Comparing both kinds, the DDr4 3000 Ram would be better than another for its fast and reliable bottleneck-free performance.

7. Pricing and Availability

The 3000 and 3600Mhz kits from a wide variety of retailers and manufacturers are readily available. Depending on the amount of storage, the DDR4 3000 has money pricing between $30 and $150.

Sometimes in pairs of RAM sticks, kits are sold. Thus even though the RAM is 16GB advertised, two separate 8GB RAM sticks are included.

DDR4 3000 RAM

The Corsair Vengeance LPX is currently one of the best value-for-money DDR4 3000 available. Its planning is for high-speed overclocking, but it has a clock speed of 3000mhz.

The heat produced by overclocking dissipates with aluminum heat spreaders. You may take it further on the market than some other kits.

The Patriot Memory Viper Series 4 is also a good option. It can be overclocked to 3000MHz and is available in 8-32GB if needed.

One of the best things about these RAM sticks is that the Ryzen and AMD motherboards are compatible. If you want to build Ryzen, it is ideal.

DDR4 3600 RAM

The Corsair Vengeance is the pick of ddr4 3600 rams. Its pis planned for high-speed overclocking, but it has a clock speed of 3600mhzg—the heat produced by overclocking lais dissipated with aluminum heat spreaders. You may take it further on the market than some other kits.

Final Verdict

The ddr4 3600 ram is price comparable to the ddr4 3000 rams, but with higher memory capacity. nniTo be very frank, after falling in 2021, RAM prices are again that.

It is possibly very much connected with the current global situation and the growing demand for more people. That said, the sky-high prices of 2020 have not yet hit them.

When you look at a clear contrast, 3000 MHz is less than $10 costly for Corsair Vengeances. There seem to be some problems with this RAM stick overclocking.

Mainly because some motherboards cannot handle higher speeds, you must also carefully verify this.

You can check Corsair Vengeance if you follow fast speeds, good performance, and a fascinating interface to build your build. There are users with suitable motherboards with recorded rates up to 3600mhz.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the big difference between ddr4 3000 and ddr4 3200 rams?

CL14 RAM’s 3200MHz will be the “best” 3600MHz CL16 option. Although Ryzen likes RAM quick, it’s just one point. At 3200 MHz, the speed gain is not sufficient to ensure that the latency increases.

What is the big difference between ddr4 3000 and ddr4 3600 rams?

Also, 3600Mhz is just a slight premium difference in price between 3000Mhz and 3200Mhz, making it worth a leap because of the improvement in value. The CAS Latency for each memory kit is another point to mention.

Is the use of a 3000 MHz ram is good for Ryzen 3600?

In general, with the Ryzen 5 3600, you want to run 3000MHz or faster. For this CPU is an output Corsair’s Vengeance LPX 16GB Package.

Suppose you get the money to sprinkle. The AMD Ryzen 5 3600 should be determined based on the speed and capability of the RAM modules. The sweet spot at 3000MHz is about 16GB.

Is the use of ddr4 3600 worth or not?

Increasing your memory speed usually is not valued for most people, including gaming. It means that your motherboard supports the use of memory in pairs or quads.

You’re going to see minimal improvement in results. The cause is the caches within the CPU, which mask much slower external memories.

Of course, a cache “thrashing” application or two will lead to slow down to the RAM speed, but this is uncommon. And while we are there, it is not helpful for most uses to have more than 12 or 16GB.


This article concludes with the difference between ddr4 3000 vs. ddr4 3600 rams. It is so tiny that you can barely note any improvement between the DDR4 3000 RAM sticks and the DDR4 3600 RAM sticks.

Finally, you’re going to have to match the latency level. Higher speeds, especially when the latency is higher, do not mean better RAM always. We have found, in our study, that the majority of RAM sticks are 16 cycles of latency.

The RAMs are 15 or 16 latency on the 3000mhz bars. You can use a basic formula to use various latency and clock speed measurements to determine which RAM is better.

Our suggestion to you is to note that pace is not everything. If a 3000mhz RAM stick is available with lower latency and less capital, go for it.

If this 3000 model is almost similar, don’t shell out more money in any conditions for a 3600mhz RAM stick.

The chances are that there is no output discrepancy, and if you do, you won’t notice it. In contrast, you can also get it if the 3600mhz price is the same or close. You can drive it to reach higher speeds with careful overclocking.

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