How Long To Clone HDD To SSD

Cloning an HDD to an SSD is exactly simple as migrating from one HDD to another in terms of functionality. 

There are very few differences between the processes regardless of the disc you are using. 

Your disc cloning software will handle all of the technical parts, which will either Disk Utility on macOS or a third-party option on Windows.

Problem – Cloning HDD/SSD Takes Forever

“My Windows 10 is taking a long time to clone my HDD/SSD because it takes so long. It looks like the cloning process is taking a long time. 

I want to move a 256GB hard drive to my external hard drive and make a copy of it. In the beginning, the copying speed is very fast. 

Then without any reason, the speed slows down quickly. WD Edition: I use Acronis True Image WD Edition. 

There have been 24 hours since I started the process of cloning, and it’s only 18% done. Do I need to speed this up?”

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How Long To Clone HDD To SSD
How Long To Clone HDD To SSD

How Long Does It Take to Clone a Hard Drive?

Find out how much data is on the hard drive that will be closed before starting. You must consider this when you figure out how long it will take to copy a hard drive. 

It’s also important to figure out how the drive will be closed. It’s important to know that when we look at drive transfer rates, we should keep in mind that the rates are “burst” rates, not long-term transfer rates.

A Seagate drive may claim to transmit data at 100MBps, but it cannot transport a gigabit of data at that pace. 

Newer high-speed SATA drives claim to be able to transfer 300MBps, but the actual transfer rates needed to calculate should reduce to cloning process to around half that speed. 

So, at 100MB/s, cloning a 100GB hard drive takes roughly 17 minutes. It takes an average of 87 minutes to clone 500GB of data.

Why Does Cloning Process Take So Long?

  • The data is too big. Large data sets would take a long time to clone. That is, the more the data, the longer it will take.
  • The USB connection is too slow. It is due to the USB cord.
  • The old disc has faulty sectors. Faulty sectors impact the cloning procedure on your hard disc.
  • The PC setup is outdated. The previous configuration slows down everything.
  • It has faulty sectors or read/write issues.
  • Issues with tools the disc cloning tool are inadequate and slows down the procedure.


The cable, the disc, and the disc clone tool all affect how quickly you can clone. A suitable cable and disc cloning tool can help you get twice as much done with less work. EZDiskCopy can help you clone your hard drive or SSD quickly.

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