How Long Will GTX 1050 Ti Last?

If you purchase a new graphics card, it can last three to five years. People who play games on their PC a lot can make the card wear down faster. 

It might only last a year in this case, but if you don’t use the gaming PC very often, the graphics card can last for a long time. It could even last for seven years.

How Long Will The GTX 1050 Ti Last?

If you don’t care about the graphics settings and don’t mind getting less than the standard 60 frames per second, you should be able to get by with the 1050 Ti for at least 5–10 years, barring the most graphically demanding games.

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How Long Will GTX 1050 Ti Last
How Long Will GTX 1050 Ti Last?

Significant Factors That Affect How Long A Graphics Card Lasts

A lot of things can affect how long a graphics card lasts. Considering these things can help you keep your card longer.


PC gaming units overheat frequently. Because it runs on electricity and electronics. Electronics generate heat when in use. Because it’s all in a case, the heat gets trapped inside. The PC tower burns. 

Some things can help keep the tower cool. It has vents and fans that move air around them to keep the electronics cool.


When you buy a new game that needs a lot of RAM, CPU, and GPU. Your GPU may not meet the game’s performance requirements. You decide to play it anyway because it’s close. When you start the game, the graphics are off. The frame rate drops, stutters, and the game underperforms.

Poor Power Supply Unit

Your PC’s performance depends on how much power it can use. A PC with a weak power supply will have to work harder on low power to do its job. That stresses its components, including the graphics card. 

Dust Clogs

Although the container protects most computer components from dust, dust still manages to get inside. Vents are one of the leading causes of dust in your PC. So it can get on delicate electronic parts like your graphics card. 

How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Graphics Card

Now that you know what can affect the life of your graphics card, you can make decisions that will help it last as long as possible.

Keep The Computer Cool First

fans are good to buy. That means you spend a lot of money on a big, good fan or use a lot of cheap fans. Because the more expensive fan is more expensive, it should last longer than the cheaper ones. 

To keep your computer cool, you need to get a fan that fits. If you want to keep your computer cool, you should use a bigger fan or several fans.

Don’t Overclock

Non-overclocking your card can extend its lifespan. You’re not forcing it to perform at a rate it can’t sustain. If the visuals aren’t to your liking, you may need to reconsider your graphics card requirements.

Use the Correct Power Supply

Once you know your PC’s power needs, you need to find a power cord that can deliver them. Thinner cords won’t work. Avoid using extension cords or a surge protector.

Keep The Card Clean: Keep your PC’s interior clean as well. Dust will gather. It always does. Keep your card clean to avoid dust buildup.


For low-end gaming, how does the GTX 1050 ti fair? As long as you do not play games very often and do not mind playing in 720p or at low settings, this card will most likely continue to function correctly in 2022. 

The card performs admirably in low-end gaming, but it can also handle more demanding games.

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