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how to overclock cpu

It is true, overclocking of CPU boosts performance instantly, but how to overclock CPU? There are lots of experts required for this whole procedure. If you are a passionate gamer, designer, and video editor, you are surely well-known for overclocking.

There is nothing wrong to get maximum performance from your processor. When we talk about the bad experiences of the computer, it means we talk about 80% of the CPU as it is the brain of your computer.

We see main features while facing hurdles like the number of cores, the sort of programming to be run, processor similarity, the speed of the CPU, and compatibility of overclocking.

The most popular manufacturers are Intel and AMD. They both offer maximum performance with decent output to improve reliability and heavy tasks. A number of chips have different methods for overclocking, so this will not work as a one-size-fits-all guide.

It is definitely worth looking into how to get the highest overclock performance on the specific chipset you are dealing with, and this article should serve as a useful general guide.

What is Overclocking?

If you are thinking something wrong about overclocking of a CPU, so we say not to get confused. Overclocking your central processing Unit means, boost your performance, nothing else.
In case you are new to overclocking, it is the way toward setting your CPU multiplier higher, so the chip accelerates and builds your PC general presentation. For genuine clients, it is a typical method to enhance performance.

Overclocking has a lot of dangers, particularly for newcomers. Overclocking regularly includes the essential processor; however, you can like overclock a discrete GPU for a lift in illustrations handling.

There is not a single rule in how quickly you can accelerate a processor, yet every overclocking trick produces a different outcome. That makes your overclocking decision harder.

Is overclocking essential?

Overclocking can be tedious and costly, particularly if you have little experience fiddling with PC segments. Changing your multiplier, you may need to adjust voltage settings, fan turn speeds, and other significant, delicate basics. 

In games, the CPU commonly manages player input, AI, computations all that is not visual. In any case, CPUs can take a more immense, more unpleasant burden in MMORPGs as it handles extra players, their activities, and their discussions.

Overclocked processors regularly connect with gaming; however, here is a rude awakening. Speeding up your CPU may not do a lot to improve your gaming experience. It enables exceptionally requesting projects to run quicker, unquestionably, yet you presumably will not notice a similar impact in the present PC games. Since the GPU essentially does the more significant part of the work.

Overclocking the CPU prompts better performances in cutting edge 3D-imaging programs, proficient video altering applications, and comparable programming for complex work ventures. 
For smoother activity and better designs, overclocking in CPU, your committed GPU is a more dependable arrangement.

All things considered if your machine is sufficiently new to run the most recent PC games, as modern CPU and GPU provide the right combinations without diving into the overclocking pool.

Ideal System Requirements For Overclocking

What kind of CPU overclocking would you like to attempt? Here are some guidelines so; you can pass judgment on the work level for yourself. 


For a pre-fabricated PC, check the framework specs before expecting it underpins overclocking.

The most significant point in CPU overclocking is the motherboard. If you have a compatible motherboard, then your life will be more comfortable. Intel K series processors have specially designed to help to overclock.

AMD has a different mechanism. For AMD processors you have to check SKU and check all information from the manufacturer website if a particular CPU is unlocked. 

The Z-series motherboards are usually the upgraded boards aimed at enthusiasts who are going to want the most out of their computer. This ability to overclock usually leads to motherboard manufacturers to include better VRMs and better support for faster memory, such as Z170 & Z270

Any motherboard that can help to overclock will have the option to overclock to a similar level, yet some motherboards have implicit apparatuses to make the cycle somewhat simpler. For example, some Asus and MSI motherboards specifically have what is a mechanized overclock highlight. You click a catch in the BIOS, and it will naturally stack up a genuinely steady overclock!

The Information Shows Programming 

Programs like CPU-Z permit you to look at the clock speed, see the voltage use, and other significant following elements. Downloading one of these instruments will make the venture a lot simpler while fiddling. 

Stress Test Programming

You should have a pressure test to guarantee your overclocked processor, is steady and safe. Prime95, LinX, and AIDA64 can help; however, some overclockers like to run more than one program and analyze the outcomes. Applications like RealTemp are likewise valuable for the following processor temperature. 

A Cooling Unit

While overclocking a CPU, it produces a lot of heat, and an excellent cooling system keeps your system cool, there must be a perfect cooling systemYou ensure your framework that is available inside your PC. That might be a bigger processor heatsink and extra case fans. Our recommendations for decent overclocking are Corsair H100i Pro and Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120R RGB.

Thermal Compound

The last thing that comes in the requirements list is the thermal compound; it is also well-known for thermal paste. It is a grey paste that is used to connect CPU and cooler and supports more heat excursion while overclocking. In modern systems, it comes as a pre-applied feature but sufficient output decides the exact value of the device. If you need a separate thermal compound, we recommend Noctua NT-H1 and Arctic Silver 5.

Risk Factor While Overclock A CPU

Remember, if you find a difference between the clock rate of your CPU and game, then overclocking works. Otherwise, risk factors increase.

Multiplier Over Clocking

Multiplier overclocking sometimes consider dangerous, and while discussing how to overclock CPU, it is essential to keep an eye on multiplier OC. Understanding this category is very simple. For the fastest speed of your processor, you increase multipliers, and for a smooth operational requirement, you increase the number of volts. Once the volts increase, the temperature of the processor goes up. 

Limitations and decency in functions are all essential while learning how to overclock a CPUin case you are hoping to calibrate and get the most outstanding performance out of your processor. You will have to completely comprehend the process of overclocking and penance half a month to overclocking, as it is a lengthy procedure through experimentation.

Base Clock Overclocking

Knowledge of the base clock can help you understand the importance of OC. If you follow a massive OC procedure, your other devices can damage, and it all depends on base clock speed. Here how to overclock your CPU is a core question. It is directly associated with your motherboard as you have other chips and devices connections with the motherboard.

If your BCLK is too high, it will boost your whole motherboard performance, and every part will work in speed. Every aspect means every detail, even your wireless card. So be careful and take guidance for how to overclock a CPU, and enjoy a long-term computing experience.

For fantastic results, you should have some know-how of your CPU and motherboard even their settings also. It would help if you were very specific about the procedure and ratio while overclocking the CPU. The base clock can work with your settings and you would be able to get good results. 

Warranty At Risk

One of the essential things in CPU overclocking is a warranty that held at risk. For a beginner, it is necessary to understand first how you can overclock your CPU. For some people, OC is enjoyment as games play at their highest speed, but you have to be careful about it.

If you do not have enough knowledge and do not know about a decent overclocking, then your warranty of the processor can void. You may damage your CPU and cannot claim compensation from the manufacturer. Not only your CPU, but even other components are also can hurt, and you may bear a significant loss.

Procedures Of Overclocking

Either you are using an AMD CPU or Intel, you should have the right monitoring tools to save from any overdue. 

Using Software To Overclock A CPU

Most importantly, Overclocking builds extra heat and you may need to figure out how to manage this additional heat. 

Overclocking An AMD Processor

AMD offers Overdrive which includes automatic tuning that helps to ensure doing right or wrong. It controls over monitoring tests, and fans.

AMD makes sure proper functionality through this feature. It is easy to handle and makes overclocking more accessible in terms of multiple reboots and changes in real-time.

Overclocking An Intel Processor

If you want to use Intel processors, then you have to knowledge about Intel XTU software. It allows you flexibility in settings such as memory, cores, power and voltage.

It is a nice feature that is flexible for all types of overclocking. But here also you need to check stress check of your CPU with software like Prime95. It will show you the stability of your system. 

Along with all these basic checking rules, be aware of your computer temperature.  

Using The BIOS To Overclock A CPU

The delete button from your keyboard is the essential feature for your overclocking method through BIOS. You can press the Del button once enter the BIOS and the computer system boots up. 

If you are new to overclocking, you can get information from the experts who use this procedure. You can use this procedure when you do not have to overclock software as we have discussed above.  

It depends on your motherboard that helps you in this feature, you just a single step away while overclocking your CPU. If you have an interest in this method, you should have proper research on your CPU and motherboard. However, overdo is not a bad idea to get a decent overclocking plan for your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to overclock a CPU for gaming?

Overclocking does not work every time. If your CPU clock rate is higher than you are playing with the same or lesser than your CPU, then no need to follow the overclocking procedure as it will not work. But yes, if the CPU clock rate is less than your game clock rate, then you can take help from overclocking.

Is overclocking bad for CPU?

Overclocking is not bad from an experts’ point of view because now everyone has high standards manufacturing CPU of AMD and Intel. Both companies offer the most powerful feature of overclocking in their modern CPUs. But it is necessary to find out the exact point where you need overclocking.

Any recommendations for the best overclocking CPUs?

Yes, of course, when we talk about AMD, there are many options, but we recommend Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2600; they both are unlocked processors with decent cooling facilities. For Intel, we will suggest Core i7-8700K, a sufficient processor for gamers and streamers; further, i9-9900K is also the highest per-core performing machine.

What is the life of a CPU, if overclock?

If you are habitual of overclocking and enjoy the fastest speed with decent cooling support, then yes, you can have your CPU for four to five years easily.

Is there any warranty of overclocking?

Overclocking finishes your processor warranty, so there is no warranty with overclocking. But there is a limit, once you claim the compensation, the company checks the machine parts and quickly detects the ratio of the overclocking that you have done, and if they find something weird, they void the warranty. 


Ideally, this article has helped you comprehend how to overclock a CPU and more. There are few dangers, just as some particular equipment prerequisites; however, they are all worth the advantages from our viewpoint. 

Continuously make sure to do your exploration, and look at many guides on how to overclock a CPU and check experts’ reviews. Everybody has various conclusions on what voltages, temperatures, and base clocks are protected. So you will have to look at whatever number of assets could be allowed.

If you do conclude that you need to go for how to overclock your CPU, then we wish you good luck, and may our writing help you in the best and safe overclocking. 

Manual overclocking is simply the best; however, you need to teach yourself the most proficient method to do it, and we recommend you get a firm handle on it by investigating how to do it. A little data can be a dangerous thing with regards to overclocking. We have seen, as a rule, people fried their CPUs, so if you are not ready to put the time into learning, adhere to the Auto overclocking.

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