How To Save Kent Connolly

In Fallout 4, the Silver Shroud task requires you to take on the role of the mysterious superhero and save Kent Connolly from a swarm of attackers. 

This is how you can save him. There are many ways to stop Kent from going to hell. You can use brute force, stealth, or persuasion to get what you want. 

We’ll show you how each one works so you can figure out which one is the finest for you.

How To Save Kent Connolly
How To Save Kent Connolly

How To Save Kent Connolly

Grab your most potent weapon and use VATS to aim for his head while he’s giving his speech. Take him out in one shot with a critical hit. 

The rest of his gang will panic and flee, leaving Kent behind. Make sure you do this.

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Brute Force

The first is brute force. Sinjin can’t even speak before your guns speak for you in this game. But there are two ways. 

On a lower difficulty level, you might be able to shoot his head off with a high-powered rifle and a scope. We prefer you use Jet to align your shot, but that’s your call. If you have one critical hit left, you can quickly eliminate Sinjin.

You could also go for the close-range option. This is where your most powerful shotgun, like the Combat Shotgun, comes in handy. Then Sinjin will speak. Keep walking forward until he tells you to stop. 

If you can, get some Psycho Jet. It increases damage, resistance, action points, and slow time. Take your shotgun and fire directly at Sinjin’s head, Avery, and others nearby. 

Possibly killing Kent. Toss a grenade at the two nearby raiders. Unless they’ve already charged at you, don’t kill Kent.


Another option is to save Kent quietly. When the elevator opens, crouch down and press R3. You can kill people on Sinjin’s side of the platform if you stay hidden. 

After the raiders have gone, go after Avery. Sinjin will kill Kent if you kill her first.

As soon as she’s gone, hit Sinjin hard. Explosives aren’t your best friend in Fallout 4 when things need to be done with care. That makes sense since Kent isn’t titanium.


Your last option is to use your words and charisma to solve the problem. There are many ways. Initially, you can intimidate Sinjin and his bodyguards if you have enough charisma and the “Intimidation” perk. 

This only works if you are higher than Sinjin. Maybe not for everyone.

You can also make Sinjin target you instead of Kent. Your personality level must be at least eight or nine to talk to Sinjin. 

Remember that Grape Mentats can help you reach this Charisma level. They can only help for a short time, but they help a lot. You can retry some of these.

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The chances are that you will be targeted by Sinjin, leaving Kent cowering on the floor while you rid the room of potential threats. And that’s all there is to it when it arises to saving Kent Connolly and becoming the actual Silver Shroud that the wasteland of Fallout 4 so needs.

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