How To Ship A Graphics Card

How To Ship A Graphics Card
How To Ship A Graphics Card

It is very critical to know because the different parts of a computer, such as motherboards and graphics cards, are sensitive, and thus, it isn’t easy to ship a graphic card or a motherboard. They are costly and critical to buy, so we generally do not decide how we risk shipping our computer and its elements like RAM, motherboards, and graphics cards. The situation is that these pieces have to send to other locations following requirements or conditions. The recommendation is about proper packaging and other steps. Here are a few ways to “ship a motherboard and graphics card” that will undoubtedly help you out.

How to Ship a Graphics Card

Suppose you have to ship to your relative’s place a graphics or motherboard. You have to take care of it because you have to give the equipment safe and reliable packaging with excellent care and consideration. Here are many ways of sending a motherboard and other components to ensure that the ingredients are shipped and delivered during shipping. Following is the best method of how to import a graphic card:

Some critical steps are there to follow them strictly to do the shipment best.

1. Use of Best Original Packaging Box

It is undoubtedly the first and the most critical step towards safeguarding components and ensuring they function effectively.  If the available room does not match perfectly, it is likely to be destroyed. Different companies can submit their goods differently, but if we have their original package, that’s very good.

2. Make Sure the Use of Antistatic Packaging box.

The packing of the computer’s components should be in antistatic bags. If you are unsure how to send a graphic card or some other piece, your ESD Graphics Card, Motherboard, or another part, you must consider the best use of a protected antistatic pocket (Electro Static Discharge). It works as a magnet, absorbs the entire discharge, and transfers it to the ground to nullify the effect. So, as it applies to every component of the bags, the recommendation is solid.

3. To confirm Snug Fit, Make Use of Packaging Peanuts.

If you do not use the original cartons to pack the components that are to be delivered, there is some room left. This function can harm the part.  You can also use the packing peanuts, so there is no space for movement between them. This function will ensure that the package stays safe and stable during delivery unless a sudden hiccup is applied or force is applied over.

4. Addition of Two- Layered Protective Packaging

If your issue is how to ship a motherboard, a package inside the box would fit very well. Keep the main pieces in a small box and put the small box in a large container. You can also use a cardboard box.  Please also remember that the sealing of the box is proper. This additional protection must be maintained, as nobody knows how to handle the package. Let us then pass on to the quote, “security is better than cure.”

Practical Approaches of Best Shipping and Packaging

Some essential practices are here to know how to ship a graphics card ideally with original packaging and dealing in the best way to the consumers.

  • To qualify for a package for marine insurance, the distance between each wall of the outer box must be at least 2 centimeters.
  • The use of USPS Priority Mail is the fastest way to deliver your package almost ALWAYS.
  • Floor price: small, medium-sized skinny, medium square, large thin, large square boxes are available free of charge.
  • The Regional Box A is much cheaper than medium flat screens and can fit most motherboards or video cards.
  • Go to the USPS store for free shipment of boxes to your door directly.
  • Don’t use the USP Shipment hardware “Media Mail” option. Only for select books and printed media is this suitable. This choice will lead to fines and the confiscation of USPS packages. In this case, too, it will have implications.
  • Even if what you send is not perfectly appropriate for a flat rate package, the USPS online delivery tools operated by PayPal can even use your packaging using the USPS Priority mail for pretty cheap. 
  • It also is much cheaper for the vast majority, and the USPS priority delivery is within three working days than shipment of USPS Ground (Saturday included, most cases).

Packaging Advice about GPU Shipping

You should ship in the original retail box as much as possible. If a retail package is not available, it is excellent to hold the item on the box with the bubble wrap, the packaging paper, and the air-filled spaces. You should ensure you can’t move your item into the package. Indoors also cause harm, not foreign forces or impacts, movement within a set. The packing will not be enough if you are not comfortable lowering your box from eye level onto the field.

Motherboard or GPU Specifications

  • If you ship an Intel board, ALWAYS send the board with the bit of plastic CPU Socket cover in place. Bent pins are the most common type of shipping damage with motherboards.
  • To ensure of not damaging the drive during fall, then use bubble wrap. When falling, they are heavier and more likely to break.
  • If the plastic bowel protection is not available, cut a small piece of paper the CPU size and use it during shipping to cover the bowl.
  • The ideal way to deliver them is to retail packaging again
  • Make sure that during shipment, they cannot move inside the package. Use large quantities of bubble wrap if you ship with a padded envelope.
  • Bare drives should be wrapped in an antistatic bag if possible.

DIY Tips to Pack GPU At Home

Recall that this is not the ultimate recommendation for sending a Graphics card or motherboard, or any other item before we get to DIY tips. They are merely replacements for the competent packaging materials and should therefore not used according to the customers’ preference.

Use the box of a strong carton. The packaging of the sensitive thing can be through cardboard boxes, whether old or fresh. The argument is that the kit should be rigid and firm. It is critical to attach the packing materials to the package to fix the space inside the box. If the equipment does not work well, then you can select some tapes with high force.

1. Wrapping in Air Bubble Roll

It would be best if you also used any of the old or pre-used air bubble rolls. Wrapping it all around the stuff is just the stage you need to pursue. It is necessary to use a double-layered package. The shocks and jerks are so absorbed that shipping can be healthy.

2. Make Use of Thermacoals and Newspapers to Fill Empty Space

It would be best if you also filled the empty spaces inside the packaging box with newspapers. Since newspapers are not solid, make sure you add some thermocouple pieces or chunks whenever you need them. These sections of the thermocouples will protect the material against shipping jerks and force it to experience. Maybe you want to note this next time you ask someone how to ship a graphics card.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can damage your graphics card GPU, and how to prevent it?

You can’t harm it without hardware or BIOS mods if it is a newer Nvidia card. As others have said, the damage of GPU is due to excessive voltage and very high temperatures. Without any hardware mod and temp, you will probably not be able to do voltage harm. But you can’t even reach the temperatures that can damage.

Graphics cards will quickly burn up when you do not have the correct driver mounted, and their refrigeration components might fail faster. It is why and the new game you install or play should always keep drivers informed. Older games can also issue new software patches with upgrading your GPU drivers. Because getting the correct driver is particularly difficult, consider using the convenient solutions from Driver Support. You get instant updates when games have the latest drivers for your GPU with the app Premium Driver Support.

How to keep your graphic card updated?

You should check and clean the car with a Q-Tip for any accumulation of dirt or debris. You can substitute the manufacturer’s broken fan parts. You may now opt to test it on another PC or in your current machine with the card cleaned and tested. You also have to update or check your loading GPU. 

You can also check if your GPU is overheated or has problems with graphics during games. Download the heat monitoring and stress test program from the GPU first. Run a stress test when the card is mounted.

Check your GPU heat monitoring program for overheating with the stress test going. Any reading of more than 80 degrees is too hot.

Your device drivers will not install correctly if your GPU is clean but still running too hot. To check this, type in “Disposal Manager” at the bottom of your desktop. Find and right-click your display adapter to see if it works. Here is the usual indication if the drivers don’t function correctly. However, even though it says otherwise in the properties, the driver seems to be working.

What are the leading causes of failing a GPU?

You can’t find that your GPU has died until the computer crashes in the middle of your game or your computer has started smoking. If a fire happens, a software problem will probably not solve it. You mostly know that when you can’t restart your machine, your card is dead. However, if you understand what makes them fail first, you may exclude a finished card.

Here are some reasons why a GPU will die totally:

  • Incompatible Graphics Card Installation 
  • Too much dirt or waste in the cooling components causes overheating.
  • Static overload during graphics card installation
  • Because of defective production, GPU components fail prematurely
  • Overheating of the cooling fans by damaged or worn covers.
  • Moisture on the card that causes damage to the components
  • Run the card in games that are compatible with incompatible drivers

You need to ensure you manage your device physically and digitally consistently to prevent most problems. If you keep the GPU clean and ensure that the graphics card device drivers are up to date, you can avoid several of these problems.

How long your graphic card can last?

Graphic cards currently have a range of creative functions and cooling components to protect your hardware during rigorous games. When the video card’s vital details get too warm, you can fry up and kill your video card over time. That is why a metallic backplate, two or three fans, and massive heatsinks are among the most recent cards to take heat away from the card when played.

However, some of the components may die prematurely or due to low production quality, like all-electric components. You will also have your card substituted with a guarantee if your card is dead prematurely. If the bearings wear out, whether under warranty or not, several producers can grant replacement fans free of charge. As long as you manage it, you can have an average of 5 years with a brand new graphics card. It will only be required if you want to play more advanced graphics games. Before using your video card, review new game specifications for requirements.

What are the main signs of dying a graphic card?

We should first recognize some of the telltale signs of a dead graphics card before we go on to diagnose and patch a dying GPU.

  1. Your graphics card runs without a single issue for one instant the new graphic intension game. Then your computer will shut down automatically, and there will be no signal to your display. When you reset, you hear a noisy noise beeping and throw error codes on your motherboard. Some motherboards are constructed with sensors to detect defective computers as they malfunction. It shows error codes in the motherboard that shows which component is affected.
  2. Often the GPU can fail to display graphics correctly when you play video games. The card does not have the same software that the game supports. However, a slowly dying video card begins to display it over time in a minor graphical defect. You can find off-color pixelation, screen flickering, weird screen crashes, or random objects in various areas of your computer.
  3. Many cards have fans for cooling, which only spin when the GPU is under pressure in higher RPM. It prevents fan rooms from dying prematurely, so don’t worry if a fan is inactive while surfing the site. However, the rooms of the supporters wear faster when you play the games. You should update your software to help in your card construction. As soon as the fans stop loading, the graphic card will die quickly.

How can you diagnose a dying graphic system?

When you want to diagnose your dead graphics card, there are plenty of hints, which saves you more time when you first take the necessary steps.

  1. A part that is no longer working is shut off today by many motherboards. It can be one of the best ways to say if your graphics card has died full. You can attempt to test the card on a new device if your motherboard doesn’t have display codes. Open your computer case and use your screwdriver to extract the side panel screws and slide them smoothly backward. Locate your motherboard with the error code display: If you have an error code motherboard, it should appear close to an outside corner.
  2. Try to reboot and record any error you see after your machine has booted. See the manual for error codes on the motherboard maker. Open the handbook and find the error code list. If the code refers to an error on a graphics device, your video card may have passed away.
  3. The card can be overheated easily with a graphic card that damages or is debris on its physical parts. Remove the GPU slots from the slots. Usually, there are one or two screws that keep the card on a case array. Enter your GPU power cables by moving them into their tabs and rocking them off gently. Push the release tab near the motherboard gently until you delete every cord.


This article sums up the topic that how to ship a graphic card. Finally, you have a reasonable idea of delivering a GPU. GPU equipment is precious and costly. Be cautious, therefore, with your packaging and keep up the steps to ship and change. The motherboards of computers and graphic cards are expensive products, making them handling sensitive. When exporting these parts, you should also avoid all risks. We recommend these approaches for better shipping of the components during such processes. In reality, impressive DIYs are also thriving.

I am a computer science graduate, and I love to play games. As an offline and online marketplace seller of computer hardware, I have the opportunity to help people make informed decisions about what they can use for their needs.