How To Update Bios For Kaby Lake

Kaby Lake is Intel’s 2016 7th generation core processor. It is an upgraded “Skylake.” Kaby Lake was built using Intel’s optimized 14-nanometer manufacturing technology. 

Kaby Lake was originally designed for desktop computers, and it still is. This microprocessor has 2-4 cores and improved 3D performance and 4k video playback. Athlon, Celeron, Pentium, and Xeon processors support the processor.

How To Update Bios For Kaby Lake
How To Update Bios For Kaby Lake

How To Update Bios For Kaby Lake

Although Kaby Lake has five BIOS update options, not all operating systems or devices are supported. Updating BIOS for Kaby Lake is as follows:

  • Express BIOS Update for Kaby Lake on Windows OS
  • Download the Express BIOS update file and save it to a temporary directory on your PC.
  • On the “Welcome Screen,” select “Next” and then “Yes.”
  • You can choose “No” now if you don’t want to update.
  • Click “Finish” to start the Kaby Lake BIOS update.

During the next three minutes, do not turn off your computer. The BIOS update status will be displayed when your computer restarts. Once the BIOS update is finished, your computer should boot into Windows.

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F7 BIOS Flash Update For Kaby Lake

We recommend this BIOS update for both bootable and non-bootable USB devices. 

  • To run the express BIOS update on Windows, double-click the “.EXE” file.
  • Create a temporary directory for the Recovery Bios (.BIO) file.
  • Copy the “. BIO” to USB. Connect your thumb drive to your computer’s USB port.
  • After connecting the USB port, please turn off the computer and press F7 to view its data.
  • Can access the BIOS update flash tool by pressing F7 during boot.
  • Press “Enter” to select “USB thumb drive.”
  • Tap “. BIO” again to open it.
  • By pressing “Enter,” you confirm the BIOS update. Wait for updates to finish.

iFlash BIOS Update For Kaby Lake

Removed Updates for INTEL desktop boards from the manufacturer’s download center in 2019, but the updates required for this update are still available. You can update Kaby Lake’s BIOS using a bootable device, CD-ROM, or Diskette. 

To create bootable devices and complete the update, follow the instructions on the INTEL website.

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ISO Image BIOS Update For Kaby Lake

These updates work with bootable and non-bootable CDs. The first step is downloading and saving the ISO image BIOS update file. 

You are using software to uncompress and write the ISO image to a bootable or non-bootable CD. 

Next, burn your data to a CD (blank). An ISO image copied to a CD may not work, so the bootable or non-bootable CD must contain a directory for multiple files.

  • Insert the CD created from the ISO image into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. 
  •  After putting in the CD, start the PC.
  • When prompted to start the BIOS update, press “Enter”.
  • On the welcome screen, press any key. 
  • Remove the CD from the CR-ROM drive and press “Enter” again.
  • During the update, the Status window will appear on the screen. 
  • Restart the computer to test the update.

Recovery BIOS

The disc does not have to be bootable; however, it must format first. Save the Recovery BIOS file into a temporary directory first. 

Recover from a formatted diskette with the “.BIO” file. Place your Diskette in the computer’s Diskette drive (Drive A) and turn off the computer before removing the AC power adapter.

Remove the BIOS configuration jumper. Not sure where the jumper is located? Check the product specifications. 

Restart the computer and wait 4 minutes for the LED to come on. It now copies the recovery code to the Diskette. 

Please don’t turn off the computer; it will shut down automatically after the recovery process. The computer may ask you to turn it off. 

Remove the Diskette and replace the BIOS configuration Jumper. Close the chassis and restart your computer to test your update.


Most of the time, a certified technician should be in charge of updating your BIOS to work with Kaby Lake. 

It can be very easy to make mistakes and damage computer parts if you don’t know how to deal with this situation if you don’t pay attention. 

You might want to avoid problems like short circuits when you’re following the steps. I hope you understand.

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