How To Use Dual Monitors With Graphics Card And Onboard

You can significantly increase your work efficiency and productivity by utilising dual monitors. You can edit everything simultaneously by opening multiple internet tabs and multiple apps.

Dual monitors are often helpful for editing experts, researchers, and gamers looking to boost their productivity standards. It is entirely conceivable, and you can make it happen with just a little work.

How To Use Dual Monitors With Graphics Card And Onboard?

How To Use Dual Monitors With Graphics Card And Onboard
How To Use Dual Monitors With Graphics Card And Onboard

The GPU and I/O Panel

  • Examine all computer system cable connections, usually found on the I/O panel. Should check this panel before investing in a secondary screen.
  • If your PC has a non-integrated GPU, you’ll find it in the GPU section. Then check the display connections available. If you have a high-end computer, look for DisplayPort and HDMI.
  • Some models contain Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports. If you must use the old connection, use the DVI-I port. Some people use a VGA port, but that isn’t appropriate for a second screen.
  • Overall, the monitor screen requires two display ports. Similarly, it would help to consider the spare port and connection type for the new screen. The monitor can be used as a second screen for the laptop.

Check Compatibility Of Monitors

To check to monitor compatibility, you must first know the ports. It is crucial to check the ports before buying a monitor. 

The dual-monitor experience is also improved by choosing a thin or no bezel screen.

Open the Display Settings

Right-click on the home screen and select display settings. So you can see the connected display screen (yes, the secondary and primary displays). 

If the second screen isn’t listed, unplug and replug. The “connect to the wireless display” option is available on some monitors.

Display Option

  • When your monitors arrive, think about how they will work. Select the secondary monitor from the top and open the display settings. Then select multiple displays and explore the options. You can now choose between two options:
  • Both screens work as one monitor.
  • In training and teaching conditions where one screen is viewed.

Check the Additional Display Settings & Adjust Accordingly

  • When you open the display settings, you can adjust various features to suit your needs. Can change both monitors’ resolution and orientation.
  • It allows videographers and photographers to use a higher resolution on the 4K secondary monitor while keeping other editing software on the main screen. The video output and GPU control the resolution.
  • You may also vary the brightness and scale and enable the night light mode to ensure seamless functionality in dark situations. Set up two separate monitors and start experimenting.
  • After the setup is complete, we recommend dragging and dropping tabs across monitors. So you may start the PC and enjoy the dual monitor setup.
  • If you’re having troubles with the dual monitor, it’s advisable to look into the GPU and its limits. Unplugging everything, inspecting the wires’ structural integrity, and replugging everything can fix some issues and improve monitor performance.
  • Finally, you can test the dual capability with different GPU software and graphics cards.


You can use an onboard graphics card and a video card at the same time. If you broadcast the signal across two screens, you can improve computer performance and image quality. 

A dedicated graphics unit will outperform an integrated GPU. Because they only do one thing, they work better over time. 

Integrated graphics are improving, so you don’t need a separate graphics card. 

Because transistors are now smaller, more of them can be used in CPUs, allowing their GPUs to compete with dedicated graphics cards.

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