Intake Vs Exhaust Fan

We all know that using fans keeps your computer’s components cool. 

After installation, you’ll get heat-related system shutdowns in seconds if you don’t add a heatsink! Intense system activities may cause your system to overheat. 

A computer with intake and exhaust fans may help in this case.

Intake Vs Exhaust Fan
Intake Vs Exhaust Fan

Comparison Table: Intake Vs Exhaust Fan

Intake FanExhaust Fan
The term “air intake” refers to the blower that draws air in from the outside.The term “air exhaust” refers to the blower that pushes air from the room to the outside.
The term “air exchange” refers to a single fan blade drawing air into a room.Simultaneously, the other fan blade expels air.
Intake Vs Exhaust Fan

How can we install the intake and exhaust fan?

Rather than being directly attached to components, intake and exhaust fans are attached to your computer’s case.

Around your case, you may notice grills with four screw-sized holes on each corner. These are locations for intake and exhaust fans.

They are powered via three- or four-pin connectors on the computer’s motherboard.

If you want to purchase fans for your PC, know where these sockets are located on your motherboard.

Benefits Of Using One Intake And One Exhaust Fan

  • The intake fans bring in the fresh air.
  • The fresh air mixes with the system, cooling it. As a result of heatsinks extracting heat from components, this cool air becomes heated air.
  • Exhaust fans force the heated air out of the computer.

What we have here is a straightforward intake -> extract -> exhaust system in which a computer is constantly supplied with cool air while heated air is exhausted. 

It is referred to as a computer’s “airflow,” and it is an excellent way to maximize the performance of your system’s fans.

The best way to visualize airflow is to visualize it as a stream of air that begins at the intake fans and ends at the exhaust. We want this flow of air to pass over the majority of the PC. 

It’s best to place intake fans on the front of the computer when installing or buy a case with them. This way, there will be less obstruction from outside. 

It requires mounting the exhaust fans on the back or top of the computer, allowing the airflow to travel through the computer, picking up heat, and carrying it out of the system.


You’ll notice that many fans do not specify whether they are intake or exhaust fans. 

It could be because they are both! Not only will the fan function regardless of which side is installed toward the case, but the fan unit should indicate which direction it pushes air. 

It means you can purchase two identical fans. Install one to draw air in and one to push air out. I hope you understand 

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